Iron Man 3 Villain: First Look At Iron Patriot

By: Amanda Crum - May 31, 2012

With the outrageous success of “The Avengers” earlier this month, one would imagine the movie studios will be hastening to get other films within the comic realm done to cash in on the phenomenon; “Iron Man 3″ is no exception. It began production last week, and at least one new photo has been leaked of the film’s central villain, Coldblood.


The character, a cybernetically-altered ex-colonel named Eric Savin, is played by James Badge Dale, who is known as Leckie from “The Pacific” and Will from “Rubicon”. The addition of this particular villain has sparked rumors that the film will include a Spiderman tie-in, because Iron Patriot was also the name of a Spidey foe, but that’s unlikely. At any rate, it will be nice to see a bad guy who isn’t a corporate meanie trying to defeat Iron Man and take over the world.

Jon Favreau is back in this installment, as is Gwyneth Paltrow. The movie is expected in May of next year.

Photo credit: Cinema Online

WAYY too many plots. Please don’t Spidey 3 this RT @totalfilm: Here be spoilers… New plot details for Iron Man 3
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Iron Man 3 is trending. What a lovely thing to trend. I can’t wait.
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Found on internet. Iron Patriot? Norman Osborn? For Iron man 3 or Avengers 2? Wooow #fanboy
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  • jon

    you do realize that spiderman is coming out way before this?? maybe wait after the credits and this will be the sneak preview. retards.

    • josh

      What are you going on about you tool? You’re the only comment on here and the AUTHOR mentions it’s unlikely and is only bringing up RUMORS.