Iron Bowl Upset Sees Auburn Defeat No. 1 Alabama

    December 1, 2013
    Toni Matthews-El
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Last night was one of those games that will be talked about for many years to come. If only for the unpredictable (and if you happen to hate the Crimson Tide, absolutely hilarious) finish. The No. 1 Alabama had practically already started packing their bags. “Atlanta, here we come!” But the No. 4 Auburn Tigers did not plan on going out quietly. As it turned out, they weren’t going out at all.

The local rivalry made many suspect they were in for a great match up. But no one could have predicted the level of drama would be as high as it was. It was the sort of game where a 99-yard “Hail Mary” return by Amari Cooper that ended at 21-21 tie in the fourth quarter would not be the play of the night. Oh, the play would star Alabama….just probably not in the manner they would have preferred.

In the closing seconds of the game, there was already the expectation it was going into overtime. Kicker Cody Foster had missed crucial opportunities earlier in the game, leading to the decision to use Adam Griffith for a literally last second 57-yard field goal attempt.

There are kickers who have missed that last second field goal and failed to give their team a major win. However, no one wants to be the kicker whose failure results in a catch that turns into a 100-yard return for a touchdown. Chris Davis performed an impossible task to help Auburn snatch victory away in a flash. Meanwhile, Alabama players stood stunned on the field and fans gaped in the stands.

“Hey Alabama! Hey Alabama! Hey Alabama, we just beat the Hell out of you!”

The jubilant Tigers fans could not contain themselves as they flooded the field, singing and dancing and rubbing the surprising finish the faces of their rivals. Social media lit up with reactions. Some tweeted disbelief. Others death threats. Poor Cody Foster was forced to go into Twitter-hiding, having deleted his name from his twitter and removed his picture in hopes of avoiding a huge wave of backlash over his failure.

As disappointed and angry as some fans may be, it was understood by cooler heads that sometimes the odds just aren’t in your favor.

“Sometimes luck just isn’t on your side,” quarterback AJ McCarron said, his disappointment highly visible.

Luck was a key factor to be sure, but sometimes it’s about space and opportunity. Atlanta’s SEC Championship will be a cat-fight as both sides go by the name of Tigers. Which side will reign supreme is anyone’s guess, though a last minute upset may have taught sports pundits to question the “sure thing”.

Image: Auburn Tigers Official Facebook

  • Well

    It is not the kickers fault. A game is determined by over a hundred plays. That is just sports. Played them my entire life at very high levels.

    As an athlete, I have found that the only people that take sports so seriously are the people who have low self esteem and live through other people. The majority of people who are criticizing this kid couldn’t kick a 10 yard field goal let alone a 56 yard field goal. Most really good athletes truly understand team sports really are team sports. You win together and you lose together. Not even Peyton Manning can do it alone. Not even Michael Jordan.

    Leave the kid alone, otherwise, get off your fat ass and go try out for Alabama’s football team. I will warn you though. Playing in front of 100,000 people isn’t as easy as it looks. Kicking is not easy either. They make it look easy. But it isn’t.

  • @Well

    Well said. Look in the stands at a football game. Most of the fans are morbidly obese. Half of them couldn’t run a 100 yards in a minute. I don’t want to hear that they “used” to be athletes either. If you are an athlete, you will be in decent shape for most of your life. That is until you hit about 55 and just don’t give a damn anymore.

    Try it sometimes at a game. Just go look at people. On TV, the cameras are always looking for some hot girl or taking shots of young college students that are still in decent shape (but they are actually getting fat as hell too) — go look in person without the benefit of TV. The stands are full of people that can barely fit in the seats.

    It reminds me of the ancient days of Rome. Fat ass politicians watching gladiators kill themselves. In a very real way, we are literally becoming Rome.