iPod Shuffle Defect

    November 8, 2006

The newest 2G iPod Shuffle comes with a convenient clip attached for consumers to, as the commercials demonstrate, clip onto the pocket of a pair of pants.

That may seem like a relatively simple and convenient concept, but there’s one small problem.  The clip bends like cardboard if you don’t detach it before sitting down or standing up.

While the bent clip does not affect the ability of the iPod to play music, it does make the shuffle impossible to put into it port to charge it or connect to a PC.  So in other words, the bent clip renders the iPod Shuffle completely useless.

Apple has not yet commented on repairing the clips of broken shuffles free of charge.  However, several “kindly” third parties are developing a new USR Key port attachment, which will connect the defective shuffles to PC’s.