iPod Owners Thieving Wasters Of Space?

    September 7, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Though digital music players are equipped to store something like 20,000 songs, a new study says the average number of songs per player is only 375. What’s more, less than a quarter of the songs on them were paid for.

A study released by Solutions Research Group took these numbers to indicate the market was wide open for mobile phone/ digital music player hybrids with limited capacity.

Half of digital music players examined in the study hold fewer than 100 songs while the overall average sits at 375 songs. Only 25% have more than 500.

Apple is still in strong control of the digital music player market, with a 53% market share of all digital music players. Sony and RCA tied for a distant second with a 9% share.

iPod owners tended to have more music on their machines with a music library average of 504 songs per player, more than twice the number of songs found on competing players.

Only 22% of digital music player owners bought a song online at some point in the past, suggesting that most of the music on the devices was ripped from CDs and P2P file sharing services.