iPod Needs Satellite Radio

    January 4, 2005

USA Today reports car electronics manufacturers are rushing to create an adaptor that lets folks listen to their iPods in the car using their car stereo controls.


Here’s an idea I will submit to the gadget blogs for consideration. Satellite radio has established a hard-earned beachhead in cars with more users signing on each day. It would seem to me that iPod and either XM or Sirius should, er, seriously consider how these two super-hot technologies might combine forces.

If I had an iPod, I would love to use it in my car (safely through the stereo controls). It would be even better if I could use the iPod to track songs I heard on satellite radio so that, once I got home, I could look them up on iTunes for purchase. This is just one of the possibilities if these two technologies worked together. It seems they would compliment each other nicely.

If this ever comes to be, you heard it here first. But remember: blue sky ideas are easy when you have NO grasp on what it takes to make something like this possible.

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