iPhone vs gPhone: No Competition?

Has T-Mobile Blown It?

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The iPhone comes out TOMORROW (6/19/2009)! But wait…when is the Google myTouch 3g releasing to public? Hype about the Google phone is virtually nonexistent.  Is it T-Mobile’s marketing ineptitude? Is it some production delay? Have there been bureaucratic pitfalls? We have no idea, but while everyone is foaming at the mouth over the latest iteration of the iPhone, news on it’s Android competition is conspicuously hard to come by.

Did T-Mobile and Google miss the boat by not promoting a new Android? Your Thoughts?

Anybody Seen a Google Phone?Where is the Google Phone? Apple told everybody what the iPhone does and when we could get one weeks ago.  What’s more, despite the fact that ‘what it does’ is pretty much the same as ‘what the old one already did (but faster)’ they still made enough people want one that the pre-sale models were gone almost a week ahead of release.

So…my question is…When does this new Android device come out?  we don’t really even know the name of the thing.  MyTouch 3G, G3, gPhone, ION, HTC Magic… I mean really.   Forget about the tech specs (which would also be nice to be able to talk about), we don’t even know what to call the damned thing.

Nietzsche says 'Hi!'Apple deserves a lot of credit (I guess?) for being good marketers.  Of course what have they had to work against?  It’s not hard to out market something that isn’t being marketed.  What is the new iPhone competing with? The new Google phone we know nothing about aside, we’ve got the Palm Pre from Sprint and what?  Who has seen a single Pre commercial or ad?  Who’s left? Verizon’s touchscreen trainwreck ‘Storm’? Please. Nietzsche said; “At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid.” It definitely fits here.

While Google/T-Mobile are hiding little details, people are running as fast as they can to the next shiny object, which just so happens to be the iPhone 3Gs. I’m not saying Google’s new phone doesn’t have a chance, but the way things are going, they aren’t even making Apple break a sweat.

Michael Martin, who maintains a Google-approved blog for Android called Google And Blog, talked with WebProNews about the upcoming Google phone. Michael likened the iPhone and gPhone to the Mac vs. PC conflict in the 1980’s. When asked what he thinks Apple’s response will be to Google’s (what he calls) "ION", Michael says “we’ll see what happens”. As for his predictions on consumer reaction to the Google phone vs. iPhone, he says; “there is a trash-bin not too far away, so if you have an iPhone you can put it in there and pick up an Android." Not that we have any idea WHEN we can pick one up – or even what to ask for…  Just for the record, Michael Martin gave us more information about this mystery phone than T-Moblie has, so we actually owe him a thank you.

To me the most frustrating and baffling aspect of all of this is the fact that the HTC Magic (which will be renamed to ‘something’ in the USA) has already been out for weeks in Europe. The good news is, if you dig around hard enough, you can find specs and even some (mostly positive) reviews of the Google phone. So, all the more reason to wonder why most people in America have no idea about the thing. 

iPhone Vs. gPhoneThe truth is, I’ve heard non-stop chatter about the iPhone but until my manager mentioned Google’s new phone, I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  After researching Android a little, I found that any information on it was unreasonably difficult to come by.  By contrast, type in iPhone 3g into Google and anything you want to know is right in front of you.

Google is clearly motivated and highly interested in encouraging application development for Android. This was made clear a couple of weeks ago when they gave away a couple hundred of the new handsets at the I/O conference. Certainly that did some good insofar as generating some Buzz, but they (or maybe T-Mobile) have made little or no effort to engage consumers. They just let Apple have a free ride with the new iPhone without putting so much as a bug in the public ear about their competing product.

Would the announcement of a Google Phone have effected your decision to buy a new iPhone? Comment Below.

T-moblie has not done well (to put it mildly) with marketing their product and really needs to get the ball rolling if they expect the newest Android to compete on any level with iPhone.  Understand, I find Google’s up and coming phone very intriguing (from what i have seen), I just don’t think it’s ideal from a marketing standpoint that I have to look so hard for information about it.

iPhone vs gPhone: No Competition?
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  • Saitama

    Great article!
    The Android as I’ve come to know it seems to have been under wraps forever. Their “top secret” route of marketing is just getting old. I remember first getting wind of this device about a year ago, and still I know only as much as I know now. I was excited and intrigued then, but at this point, I’m bored of it and have moved on.
    We’ll see what happens when the release date arrives, but till then, I’m not going to toss my phone in garbage and play the waiting game.

  • Abe

    The iPhone is locked down and highly controled by apple, it will win. Open platforms are good for the geeks but when you want you product in the hands of the masses, you have to have a system of total control while still letting people feel like they do what ever they want. This is what apple has almost always done.

    I also think this is in reality a T-mobile vs Att issue. Example could you imagine the iPhone 3.0 launch with T-mobiles backend configuration? That would of made what happened yeaterday look like a simple sneeze! People can talk trash but ATT is a better and smarter carrier. Count the ads we see on tv for the two! T-mobile just started barely trying again.

  • http://www.googleandblog.com/ Michael Martin

    The reason why Android is “under wraps” or rather more subtle in its debuts is that fact that the initial appeal is to developers.

    Like when the PC came out w the 8088 and 286 there was wide consumer buzz but it enabled the developers to catch on and ultimately build a “better” (using the term loosely) PC for the mass market than the Mac.

    I believe the same end result will happen with Android especially now as the more aesthetically appealing phones are coming out – http://www.googleandblog.com/iphone-andrioid-war/3983/

    I do find it amusing that the NEW iPhone 3GS finally got features that even the first Android phone, the G1, had in October 2008 such as a digital compass, cut & paste and then with updates earlier this year with MMS. video recording, and auto landscape mode.

    ,Michael Martin

    • http://www.googleandblog.com/ Michael Martin

      My poor proofreading missed in the 2nd paragraph that there was NOT mass consumer buzz w the 8088 and 286 processor IMB PCs debuting.

  • http://www.bustercollings.com/blog Buster

    Micro$oft is spending near $100,000,000 just to promote bing. I read that google spent only $25,000,000 on advertising for the whole year in 2008. I think a lack of hype around Android is very much Google’s own fault. They’re accustomed to their users hyping their services and giving away almost everything for free. They’re in unfamiliar waters. Android will undoubtedly be a great platform, but there are plenty of great platforms that “lost.”

    Great article Ali, I’m looking forward to more from you!

  • robink

    I love TMobile (prior AT&T Customer) and currently have a jailbroken iphone on Tmobile. I want the new iPhone or this Ion, but I can’t wait much longer as I have run my current phone into the ground. With the iphone all over the place and the Ion nowhere in sight, what is a girl to do? So yes, marketing matters, I feel like jumping on the AT&T bus and leaving tmobile, even though I think Tmobile is a much more consumer friendly carrier.

    Come on Tmobile, get on the ball!!!!

  • G1user

    Having used the old iphone and just got my hands on the new one. The only benefit I see is wifi access speed and video editing. To join att for that, no thanks! You have to be blind to put youself in their shooting range. If it was any other carrier, it would be diff.

    All the NEW features the iphone is getting are the same ones I have on the G1. So why switch?

    Half a year ago there were 300 apps for th G1 and 10000 for the Iphone. Now there are 5000 for the G1 and 15000 for the Iphone. Most apps for the G1 are free. Very few are for the iphone.

    G1 is faster at surfing the net cause iphone network is crowded.

    G1 has improved month after motnh. You need to buy a new iphone to get what the G1 has.

    So. Why bother owning an iphone. Done that. Its in the garbage now. G1 will keep on growing. And then when all 20 some new androids show up? What’s going to happen to the iphone.

    Yes iphone is slick and if you just look at the surface. You will be dazed. But usefullness. The G1 has done a lot better. And yeah my G1 has a 80gb stick on the usb port and it works. 32gb for 300 more. Rather buy the stick for 80bg.

    In a year ther will be 30 Androids to choose from. More competition. Better products. And maybe 3 iphones to choose from. So. Again. You can fill the masses with hype…but if your smart. Hype won’t get you the best product.

    Patience. Let’s talk in a year and see what. Happens

    • http://www.controldatainc.com Agency collection

      I sometimes fall asleep while waiting for the G1 to download. Very slow but is great for passing the time while sitting at the doctors office with nothing to do.

    • Guest

      get your facts right. iPhone has of June 8, 2009, there are over 50,000 third-party applications officially available for the iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store. And as of April 23, 2009 Apple’s App store had 35,000 Applications. So how exactly could there only be 15000 for the Iphone now? When above the facts are there in Blak and white. What rubbish you write.

  • http://seoaddlink.com Seoaddlink

    come ooon!!! Google Phone is in my poket from 3-4 months already … what is so misterious about it …. there are 100+ sites that write about it and about his OS – Android … there are 100000+ softwares for this device and new app`s are writen every day also … i am really shocked that the author of this article is so … hmm … uninformed … i suppose in the USA the TV commercials are more inportant than the self researching and self oppinion *rolling eyes*

    anyway , the GPhone is way ahead than the Iphone. Thats why Apple puts so much money about advertising – they have no other way to attract the users. The Gphone – he advertise him self when its in your hand – no need of shiny commercials.

    \/ peace

    • Mike McDonald

      Yes I believe she acknowledged that the phone has been out in Europe for a while now. Point being, if they expect to compete with iPhone in America (which is a pretty big market), they could have done a much better job here…

      Michael McDonald
      Follow me on twitter.com/mmcdonald”>Twitter!
      Managing Editor
      iEntry, Inc.

    • Kingskwirl

      This will help you write a more informative article with less whining.
      How many times can you repeat the same thought? I guess enough to meet your quota. iPhone is marketing and hype for the ignorant masses. Those who really care and know already follow Google tech. As a developer, I’d never even consider dealing with the weasely Apple contract and lunk-heads. Be patient, or come to Europe some day and see for yourself. Engage a real search before writing vapid columns.

  • Wiggy


    Good article. It made me wonder what other memorable technology was hyped before it flopped? In this case.. it wasn’t hyped but it won’t go away. LOL Mybe the brain trust at Google/T-mobile had a good idea that they couldn’t back up and now the damned buzz won’t stop… thanks to you.

    Honestly.. I got myself a Samsung Eternity cause I want to be a rebel and not jump on the iPone bandwagon… damn. I wish I had an iPhone.

  • http://www.azhariqbal.com SEO Outsourcing services dubai, uk

    I am wondering iphone still so useful than Gphone. I will prefer an Iphone when i have money 😉

  • Superlink X

    I believe that Google is playing a great strategy. In all reality the iPhone is a hit mostly for what it does out of the box. It is an incredibly stupid machine and is so locked down, it makes one want to chuck it at a wall. I have an iPod touch and a G1. iPhone OS can do some neat tricks. It is definitely shinier and more user friendly… for now. The G1 has been updating like crazy and its bringing in the developers. Easy comparison: iPhone developers license is $100 a year. That license gets you the kit and the ability to sell on the official app store with some really dumb agreements (look it up sometime, Apple’s reimbursement system reserves the right to take their share of app sales out of the developer if the app gets returned enough). Android developers license is $25 registration fee. No yearly fee and it gets you on the official android market and some bonus API’s. You can, and I have, get everything you need to develop for free from google. What’s more is you can sell your product anywhere for free. Google is way more friendly to developers and developers are what make these OS’s great. Without apps, the system is useless. Apple’s restriction on what apps can access and how they run makes it so that most apps are useless after a short time. With background processes and easy access to the system, Android apps are much more useful. The open system is appealing to developers and therefore in the long run, it will be appealing to the end-user. It’s basically a test product. Once we have twenty android devices, which will cause an inflated market but will boost that market for android, we will see a better OS and more satisfied people with Android phones. Google’s approach is slow and steady. Its frustrating now, but later it will be the greatest competitor the iPhone could have ever dreamed of having. They already are the only real competition, so there’s no rush. They’ll get a good product out of it soon enough and it will actually make iPhone have to catch up again. First phone already did that with just a few bugs that were fixed by easy updates. Good luck, iPhone. Your reign is short.

    • ShyJuan Clemons

      I am not an Iphone hater. I do have a G1. I have to say , however I do hate how apple takes their customers for suckers EVERY YEAR! Owning a G1 we got a FREE update that gave us video recording, virtual keyboard, and all sorts of nice little treats. Apple on the other hand, makes you buy a new phone just to get what we get for free! They are jerks for that.

  • http://www.cell-stuff.com Duker

    Better than the iPhone or the gPhone if you ask me!!

  • http://www.havocmarketing.com/ Havoc Marketing

    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for a great article. Apple does have a great product in the iPhone and their marketing is much better than Google’s so far.

    Google has to step up its game if it wants to beat Apple in the smart phone market. No matter what Google does regarding Android, I think iPhone still will be the no. 1 smartphone for a long time.

    Thanks again & wish you all the best.

    Mani Raj
    Havoc Marketing

  • http://www.apsense.com/article/130128.html rexiedexie

    Has anyone compared the new The Top 5g’s 32meg Memory Phones now available through Global Verge? See my home page.

  • Guest

    This ain’t rocket science or marketing. Who has all the apps you want or need? Whose interface is slicker. Whose colors are brighter, whites are whites, is all BS because all those features fade to grey if the app you want or need doesn’t run on the one you think has the best interface, color, etc.

    You don’t run platforms you run applications. In the end whether you use Unix, FreeBSD, Windows (whatever), Mac 9 or OSX, your choice is governed by the applications you need. The same is true for smart phones. If the Pre, iPhone, and Google whatever its is, all run the apps you want then you have to make a choice. If only one does your choice is that one. Period!!

  • http://ukitech.blogspot.com/ Uki D. Lucas

    I own both the iPhone and the unlocked htc (Magic/G2) Android phone I got at the Google IO conference. Both phones have a lot of applications available, but at this point iPhone’s user experience is far better.
    The dominance of the iPhone is easy to see for the near future, if there is a feature that Apple is missing, it will be an easy software update for them… like horizontal typing and cut-and-paste I am using to write this article.
    On the other hand I see a dozen of manufacturers coming up with Android in the next two years, what’s more important there are tablets and laptops with Android out there and that excites me as a developer –my Audi navigation system would greatly benefit from Android, too!

    To me there are two things that are crucial:
    1) Apple patents the coolest of the user interface features which is good for them, but makes it impossible to have “pinching” on the Android.
    2) it is possible to replace any application you don’t like on Android with anything else anyone else wrote, so there is possibility of some great breakthroughs
    3) I love that Android applications are written in Java, but that is my subjective opinion

  • http://www.guzzus.com coupons

    I found the latest iphone amazing .
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  • http://www.victorcaballero.com Victor Caballero

    I have had it with t-mobile and Google.
    As a consumer, Google and T-Mobile messed up with Android handsets. The HTC is a joke. The battery life is horrible barely able to last a few hours with 3G on and some medium usage. Upgrading the G1 Unlocked is a complicated task. Upgraded the radio and drop calls and fail calls like crazy on the tmobile network.

    I was going to wait for the Magic – G2, but can’t take it. Moving my wife over to the iPhone AT&T and I’ll follow. AT&T is expensive and exploiting the iPhone market, AT&T customer service is one of the worse in the business. t-mobile customer service is pretty good.

    Apple will play this out, expect an unlocked phone in the next year that will work on several networks.

    I have no doubt that Google will make a big push and become #2 in the handset.
    Predict in a year.

  • http://www.theiphonedevelopers.co.uk/ iPhone Developers

    the lack of app store is going to really hit sales of it.
    And given that the iPhone 3G is only $99 it’s going to be very hard to beat.

  • Martial

    I found the attitude of Mr Martin very unpleasant.
    First you don’t drink in the front of the camera, especially not when your host is talking to you. This show a big lack of respect, education and good manner. That’s not cool at all.
    Second the comment of Mr Martin at the end for the iPhone and the trash show a clear redneck mentality. Very far from what a CEO should do.
    90% of the issue with the iPhone are user related. It’s incredible how in North America people try to avoid to be responsible for their act.

  • Guest

    Owning both I prefer the Gphone for the free applications from the ‘market’ and i prefer its internet connectivity and use. The iphone has the edge when it comes to playing media.
    The biggest drawback with the Gphone is T-Mobile. If you have ever tried to use it abroad with data roaming switched on then expect a bill for hundreds when you return. T-mobile also make sure you run up a large roaming bill by bombarding your phone with endless spam tele-messages from T-mobile!! (you pay for incoming calls!!)

  • http://www.searchenginepartner.com Kayla Smith

    I remember reading about the Google Switch back in 2006. I’m pretty sure the images that were circulated on the web were fakes and the only thing we can expect from T-Mobile is the G1.

  • JJ

    Why don’t people get a life, turn off your phone, go out side, get some fresh air, you might even notice there is more to life than your android phone or Iphone, I mean who really gives a toss what phone you have?

    • http://www.andrewtaylor.eu www.AndrewTaylor.EU

      Well said. No time for tech sometimes.

    • http://www.diamondonnet.com Diamonds

      funny and true :)

    • http://www.weeklygripe.co.uk Gripemaster

      Very true. I have a lowly old phone that doesn’t do much. It makes and receives calls and I spend about

  • http://BeWealthMinded.com Ken

    I would seriously consider the Google phone if it wasn’t hooked up with T-Mobile.

  • Julie Larson

    Next month I’m looking forward to buying a media phone that gives me unlimited voice, unlimited text, unlimited internet, unlimited data for one flat fee of $79.95 per month with no contracts, no credit checks and the fees and taxes are included in the flat rate.

    This is brand new technology that utilizes broad bandwidth in the 2100mhz range. It’s not cellular. If you’d like to know more, please visit my site at: www.HaveYouGoneBuzzirk.com

    For all of you techies out there – I’d appreciate your honest feedback as this is all way above my head!

    • Eddie

      You say, “It’s not cellular”, yet the backbone of your new phone system is indeed cellular. Each phone signal is first directed to a cellular tower. Without them, there would be no service.

      By the way. What’s this I’ve heard about 9 times faster than 3G,
      and faster than Comcast home service? Any truth to that, that you
      are aware of?


  • http://www.mythoughtsonandroid.com Nick

    I had to read this article over about 3 times, before commenting on it. You write this article as if there aren’t any Android devices out. Have you done the research? I’m sure you have, so why write the article as if nothing from Google exists?

    I’ve had my G1 since before it was released, and it can do anything that the iphone can do. As others have noted, we got a free update for video recording. iPhone had to launch another phone for $99 just to include video? The marketing from Apple is better because they have a lot more money, and their hands in a lot more cookie jars than Google and T Mobile.

    Android is in it’s infancy state still. By the end of 2012 I suspect there will be at least 20 Android devices floating around, and all open sourced and will do anything that the user wants, not what the manufacturer wants the user to do.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the iPhone is a fad. I’ll come back and comment on your article in 2012 when your writing about “iPhone – Epic Fail.”

    • http://www.weeklygripe.co.uk Gripemaster

      Such a well written response. The Android phones are very much in evidence here in the UK. In fact whilst hanging around outside our local Tesco they had a couple of handsets in there and I couldn’t resist having a play. Sadly I can’t afford a new mobile phone (even an old one) so I guess I’ll have to dream about the day I can own a Google phone :-)

    • Guest

      Are you high? The iPhone’s market share has been growing unabated since its release two years ago. There are many reasons not to buy an iPhone, as there are for every product under the sun. I’m not apt to buy a Ferrari because of cost, small trunk space, poor gas milage and lack of cup holders, but I’d hardly call them a fad. It’s one thing to prefer another product for whatever reason, but to attempt to diminish the real success of the iPhone, the iPhone OS, the iPhone developer’s APIs, and the App Store is incredible small minded to the point of being blind.

      • Guest

        The Iphone OS?…

        I guess… if single tasking turns your crank? Gee.. kinda like the good old PC DOS days!

        Gottal love having to close one app to do something else. Wait to see the new Pre when it is available. Palm took a while to get it out, but they came up with a true multitasking OS which last time I looked is how most humans operate. Will it be an Iphone Killer? perhaps … perhaps not, but the one good thing about all this, is that eventually, because of the feature leapfrogging from each entry in the mix, things keep getting better.

        My aversion to all things Apple is the arrogance of Steve Jobs. Unless its his way, its the highway. He must bless all apps for the iphone and it seems only way to stick an app on the iphone is thru the Apple store. I may be wrong here as being the only way, as there are a lot if intellegent people out there with abilities to hack anything, but my point is, mainstream, its all about Steve!

        I believe that the gphone or whatever it is going to be called will pose a big threat to the iphone.

        Apple should be nervous about this, but apparently in their arrogance they aren’t – at least not publically. I’ll bet they are watching closely though.

        Like the internet when Gates said naw.. nothing to wory about there.. oops.. and when Google came along nah … nothing to worry about there either..oops..

        Google will prevail in the mobile phone space as well … if that is what they want to do. Open source will be the dowfall of proprietary approaches to technology. People want what they want, when they want it and don’t really take kindly to being told “what to do” or what they can have when they are, willing to, or are already paying for it.

        Personally, mutitasking is a big thing so I am looking at those phones that will enable that for my next one. I am just one voice so not likely that just me will make a difference to the bottom line for any one company, but I know what I want and whoever can satsify that want gets my business.

        Just a few thoughts!

  • http://www.thisisdarlington.com Darlington

    Don’t forget the major difference here:

    Apple make the iphone.

    Google just make an OS.

    Its up to HTC to do all the shouting, not really Google IMO.

    • http://www.writingconsultation.com Sarah

      Agree with you. After all, myTouch 3G comes from HTC.

  • http://www.thisismiddlesbrough.com Middlesbrough

    Here is the link to the HTC Magic currently available in the UK through Vodafone:


    I can tell you its pretty much the same as the G1 but without the slide out keyboard. The casing is still cheap plastic etc.

  • http://heartlandenergycolorado.blogspot.com Heartland Energy Colorado

    I bought the 1st Iphone for $600.00 and used it for two years. It was great until AT&T came into the picture. I started dropping calls, then it got worse and it was not a matter of dropping calls, but more a question of when the phone call would drop. I tried to work with AT&T on the issue, I asked if they would upgrade me to a new I-phone for free. I thought that since I pay them $3,600 a year for service they might try and keep my business. They told me they would not do this and so I canceled my contract, paid them the cancellation fee and walked across the street (literally) to T-mobile.

    I am happier with the G1 than I ever was with my Iphone, and I have no need to upgrade. I would never buy anything Apple again.

    • Guest

      It’s pretty silly to blame the iPhone for lousy cell coverage. The fact is that all carriers have strong coverage in some place and lousy coverage in others. I switched to ATT before the iPhone came out because it happened to be the only carrier that delivered a signal to my neighborhood.

      • Guest

        finally some scene. This was the only reason i got the iPhone in the first place. T-moble coverage is crap on long island, att is good. This is the only thing stoping me from buying a gphone right now, That and the fact that the G1 doesn’t have enough memory to support the next planned update to the android firmware and will therefore be irrevocably obsolete in 2-6 months. I’ll just have to buy an unlocked hero from vodaphone.

  • Guest

    Lot of deep thought going on here! I’ve used HTC phones fopr the last 4 years and loved everyone of them. However I just bought the iPhone 3G S – It’s locked down and frankly I’m worried about hacking it (I’ll wait until someone elses blows theirs up), but that being said I only bought it because it is a sexy phone (if there is such a thing)

    My thoughts are just buy whichever one you like the look/features of because in 2 years you’ll be moving on to something else. Also move to Europe if you live in the USA – having read a few posts you guys are getting screwed on phone and contract costs.

  • http://www.mycheaptech.com/ GM From My Cheap Tech

    I have been hearing about the new G1 for months and it is funny that there so many articles about iPhone -vs- G1 but like Nick (Research) reply mentions, the author writes as the G1 never existed and clearly suffers from a condition I like to call Apple Tunnel Vision: a disorder where mainly trendy people only see all things Apple why? because all of their friends only see it!

    Anyways saying the G1 is no competition is just crazy talk, when the issue of iPhone killer is raised the G1 is almost always mentioned even when the article is regarding another phone so I suggest the author detox from Apple Tunnel Vision by staying out of the coffee shops & reading trendy magazines for at least a couple of days to get you back to the real world.

  • Guest

    There is no mention of G1 in this article at all. Were we waiting for a new Android phone announcement? I didn’t know. While reading this article I got the sense that the writer doesn’t know that an android based phone is already out there. I don’t know, seems like a space filler.

  • Guest

    So in Canada, Rogers (a division of AT&T) has already released the HTC Magic (with the full qwerty keypad) and the Dream (strictly touchscreen) I’ve had the chance to play around with both – the Magic leaves a lot to be desired, the keypad for instance is hard to type with simply because of the “chin” on the device, but the OS is pretty solid. The Dream would be the phone I would recommend simply because the onscreen keypad makes life a thousand times easier then trying to maneuver your hand over the chin of the Magic and if you do a lot of texting (I currently do about 500/monthly) you’re going to want that easiness. As for the marketing… well it has left quite a bit to be desired, I had seen billboards for a phone that just said “The Revolution is coming” and had a picture of the Magic with Rogers logo… there was nothing to tell me what the phone was or did… I wound up finding out on the day of release (also wasn’t pre-announced) what the phone actually was. If you’re anything like me and would do anything to avoid going with an iPhone, the Dream is a good option… though I do suggest going to youtube and looking up some of the reviews (there are probably more out now that it’s hit Canadian markets – though Canadians seem a little slow on the tech side of things)

    • Guest

      Since when Rogers is a division of AT&T????? You have no clue … so pls let the suggestions to others …

    • http://www.webdesigncapetown.co.za Guest

      Other way around. The magic is touch screen and the dream is a pull out qwerty keyboard.

  • http://mobilebroadbandblog.co.uk Mobile Broadband Blog

    for the moment at least.

    In my opinion they have created the first truly useable portable MFD (multifunctional device) . I’ve owned PDAs, laptops and HTC smartphones that do most things that the IPhone does, but the fact is, Apple, with their iPhone have made a user interface far superior to anything else on the market that actually entices non-techies to want to own one.

    For ordinary consumers, it is completely irrelevant whether or not the development platform is open or closed. How many people do you know that use Linux on their PCs???

    Oh, and that guy Michael Martin in the video – I would bet my salary that he’ll be throwing away his “ION” phone long before the current crop of new iPhone users have got rid of theirs

  • http://www.nycellz4less.com Guest

    http:www.mycellz4less.com. We have seen both and recommend the google G2 android magic which is unlocked as opposed to iphone for only ATT

    We have seen and have sold the magic : and currently carry it : iphone being
    exclusive to ATT : we recommend the magic.


  • http://www.piercedandmodified.co.uk Belly Bar Lady

    I’m in the market for a new phone so have been following all this with interest – my web designer has a google phone and can’t say enough good things about it. My best friend works for O2 and says I should get an iPhone.

    I’m as yet undecided. Thank you for a great article :)

    • http://www.seowebhelp.com SEOWebHelp

      I do SEO and web design and have found the Gphone to be far superior to the iphone.

      From what I understand the new G2 “ion” will be out in the US in 4 months and is slimmed down to the size of the screen on the G1 and will be even faster than the G1. Plus the tmobile plans are much cheaper than the att options. Oh. And the Gphone already has a touch screen keypad and the qwerty text keypad

  • http://www.HostingDude.com the Dude

    You’ve all forgotten the ELEPHANT in the room: Blackberry.

    My T-Mobile Blackberry CURVE (old technology) does every single thing that an iPhone can do and a quite a bit more.

    An iPhone is a iPod that can make phone calls, and not a hell of a lot more. Why do I say this?

    iPhone users, pick up your existing iPhone RIGHT NOW, and do the following:

    1. Change the battery for a fresh, full one, maybe even a bigger one with longer life. What? You can’t? It’s sealed inside? Wow, that sucks. So you gotta find a PC (or a Mac if you’re a multi-millionaire) and download all the memory contents, then wipe them to make more room? Wow. Trippy. I guess that gives you time to watch Youtube videos about how cool Apple stuff is and drool over the next iPhone, and all the features it lacks.

    2. Take a picture in the dark. Hey, you’ve got a nice camera there. Just take a nice flash picture in a dark nightclub. You know, of you and your friends. What? NO FLASH? Sheesh. At least it won’t drain your non-changeable battery! Don’t worry, your smarter friends have Blackberries or Android phones and can take the picture.

    3. Receive that picture by MMS. Yeah, your friend with the Blackberry or Android phone, or even the guy with the $29 prepaid phone that has a flash camera on it is trying to send you the picture by MMS. WHAT? NO MMS? Dude! I’m trying to remember my last phone that didn’t have MMS. Hmmm. Probably at least 10 years ago.

    4. Make a video. This will console you. Maybe a FEW of you can actually do this. 99 percent of you can’t. The few who can paid a lot more to do it. Blackberry made it a standard part of it’s OS for over a year now. Free and simple OS upgrade. Oh well, maybe you don’t need to make a video. I mean, what’s the fun in capturing the great times with your friends anyway? It’s over-rated.

    5. Hey, those of you who can make a video, or take a lot of pictures, pull out that memory card and put it in a computer. Or give it to a friend. Or put in a bigger one, say 32 GB. So you can just keep on a-filming. WHAT? No memory expansion slot? You’re joking, right! It’s right there under the, um, battery that you can’t get to either. Damn. That’s cold.

    6. Tell the phone to “call mom” and let it auto-dial. She will console you on your purchase. Huh? No native voice dialing? Is there an “APP FOR THAT”? If there is, I’m sure it’s not free. No voice dialing on a touchscreen phone for the first 2 generations of iPhone. Sheesh. Damn, you got stuck.

    7. Change carriers to Verizon. Yeah, just unlock your phone (it’s right on Youtube how to do it, or you can pay somebody $300 to do it.) Huh? There isn’t a CDMA version available? Isn’t Verizon on CDMA? And Alltel. And Sprint. And Telus, and Bell, and Cellular South. Combine those carriers and it’s the nation’s largest and most complete network. Apple must not love you folks who use those carriers.

    8. Getting worked up? Take it easy. Put on your nice, Bluetooth dual-channel (A2DP) headphones and relax. HUH? No A2DP. You mean you gotta PLUG IN YOUR HEADPHONES with a CORD??? I thought that cordless is the whole IDEA of a cell phone.

    9. Decide which incoming e-mails to read or ignore by the sound the phone makes. You know, make it play “twisted sister” when you get an e-mail to your private address, and just have it buzz or ignore e-mails to you “throwaway” or overused e-mail addresses. WHAT? You can’t do that either? You mean you hafta either get the same notification for ALL your e-mail address, or just switch off notifications altogether? This is getting SAD. How much did you pay for this thing? Hey, isn’t there an “APP FOR THAT” for only an extra $49? Who knows?

    10. Group your contacts. Yeah, you know, you’ve got 2,000 business contacts, and 200 personal. Be nice to group them separately and view only one. Makes scrolling quicker. Can’t do that either, can ya?

    11. OK, A REALLY SIMPLE ONE — JUST COPY-AND-PASTE SOMETHING. Come on, you can do it. You can’t? You mean, when you call 800-411-GOOG and use their free directory assistance, and you have them send you a text with the phone number, you can’t just copy and paste the number and contact name, and address, into your phone/address book?

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! You honestly CANNOT COPY and PASTE? (at least not in the first 2 generations) And this is supposed to be a USEFUL DEVICE? GOOD GRIEF, I hope there’s an “APP FOR THAT.” Holy Moseles.

    12. Save money with UMA. Yes, that’s right. You know, if you’re in range of a WiFi router (like MOST of the time you’re at work or at home), your iPhone can just log on to the router, and make your calls over the ‘net, and you DON’T GET CHARGED THE MINUTES. My Blackberry does this beautifully and T-Mobile makes it a selling point. I talk like CRAZY (probably 3,000 minutes) on just a 300-minute plan, and there’s no limit to UMA use. NONE. Does AT&T let you do that. Don’t think so. Does ANY iPhone have UMA? NOPE. Oh, maybe there’s an “APP FOR THAT” from Skype or Vonage or somebody which lets you sort of do it by WiFi, and PAY THEM for the APP and/or the PLAN and/or the MINUTES, but at very, very low reliability levels. UMA is rock-solid. Dadburn that iPhone.

    13. Sell it on eBay. This one you can definitely do. iPhones sell like hotcakes on eBay. Luckily, you can keep your AT&T plan because they feature the 3G Blackberry Bold with a real QWERTY keypad that you can use with ONE HAND and you don’t hafta turn the phone sideways to do it, and mis-type half of your letters on that finicky touch-screen.

    Hey, don’t get mad at ME — that’s just shooting the messenger! I didn’t make the iPhone an underpowered, over-priced, closed-source, under-featured, glorified iPod. It wasn’t me!

    I didn’t mangle the iPhone. It was mangled when I got here.

    And keep in mind, I’m a guy who lists his FIRST REAL LOVE as an APPLE II computer on his social networking profiles.

    • http://www.melbourneonline.com.au Mark – Web Design

      It’s ok, lots of Blackberry users suffer from it. It must be annoying to require a wheelbarrow to carry around your phone, so iPhone owners understand.

      FYI: MMS and cut and paste along with a whole heap of other goodies was released with the last update. Yep, iPhones evolve.

      Flash for the camera? Video? Who cares? I bought a PDA not a waste of space. Pretty much all the other stuff you mentioned there’s an app for. That means I can load my phone with the features I want and ignore the stuff that doesn’t matter to me.

      I’ll agree that the battery life is annoying. But I can surf the net. Easily. It’s awesome. The whole phone is a screen, I don’t have to pull a conjoined monitor and keyboard out of my pocket every time I want to check the weather.

    • Guest

      LOL – where have you been! Your rant is quite funny given the title of the article and the phone we’re talking about here

      1) I live at home and work from an office. Guess what, my battery has never run out between charges. So you can change your battery in and out, big deal. I had a Palm treo with a spare battery. Guess when I used the spare battery? Never.

      2) I take pictures in the daytime – deal breaker it aint. But hey, if you make your living taking photos at night then I suppose you wouldn’t want to be using a Blackberry??

      3) MMS is available on the iPhone – get with the times.

      4) Video is available on the iPhone and so is editing – can Blackberry’s do that?

      5) Why put in a memory card when I have 32 G of memory already. It’s not like I could fill it up with photos or video between docking? Come on, let’s get real. Currently I have over 700 pictures on my iPhone. Guess what? I didn’t take them all at once. It’s taken me more than a year and half to take them and I still (shock horror) have gigabytes of spare storage left over.

      6) Tell the phone to call mom – funny that, I CAN

      7) Who cares about Verizon? I’m in Australia and unlike Americans, I know that we’re not the centre of the universe.

      8) A2DP is now supported so you’re looking sillier by the minute

      9) The email statement made me laugh. You really are clutching at straws now :)

      10) True I can’t group them yet – but I can flip to them alphabetically without scrolling and anyway, I like the scrolling so close your mouth!

      11) Dude, check out our copy and paste and weep – much better than yours :-p

      12) If you can’t afford to make calls on your phone then maybe you can’t afford to own one? We don’t have UMA in Australia and guess what – we don’t care.

      13) You said it – people pay money for second hand iPhones, they don’t for second hand Blackberrys -I wonder why?

      Hey don’t get mad at me, I’m just pointing out the simple fact that you shot your mouth off way too quickly and now look very very foolish. Maybe it’s time to trade your Blackberry in on a new iPhone – I won’t tell :)

    • Commander

      Oh my poor ill advised friend, if only you knew what you were talking about.

      So to set the record straight, let me go head to head with your comments, critiques.

      1) No changable battery on the Iphone! RIGHT! and thank god. Do you know how many batteries I’ve had to replace on all of my other phone…AND THE COST$$$. My Iphone battery after 2 years has never lost a charge and runs a full cycle. There is no reason to replace the battery like in you Blackberry.

      2) I’ve seen the pictures that most phones take in the dark even using a flash. They suck, so why would would want to take one anyway. Use a decent $99 camera. It’ll take better pictures. My 3.0 Mega pixel takes great pictures and I can change the point of focus just by clicking the screen.

      3) In version 3.0, I can send & receive MMS. Get with the program. We’re talking about todays technology, not yesterday’s newspapers.

      4) Make a Video. I can not only shoot video on my 3Gs but can edit it as well. The software came with the camera. Can your phone do that?!

      5) I’ve got 32MB on board. Do they make a removable card any bigger? and who would want one? I’ve got 2,000 songs and 5,000 photos loaded on my phone.

      6) I’ve got voice dailing, voice name recognition, multi phonenumber selection and voice activation to play any song, can your phone do that?

      7) I dumped Sprint, I dumped Verizon, I have no problems with AT&T, Why would I want to switch carriers?

      8) I not only have bluetooth, I have STEREO Bluetooth!

      9) I have 12 different e-mail accounts on my phone and can have many, many more. Does your blackberry have that?

      10) Group my contacts? Are you serious. I’ve grouped my contacts since version 1.0 of the iPhone. I have 20 categories in my outlook (2003, 2007) and the iphone seperates them perfectly. Even Microsoft active sync can’t do that!

      11) I have copy, cut & paste! It’s all right there in Version 3.0, a FREE software upgrade.

      12) I can connect to any wi-fi or bluetooth device. I have a fully active company and GPS FOR FREE! Does you’re phone have that? Over 80 million Iphones have been sold. There are over 25,000 Apps.
      How many blackberrys have been sold? How many apps for your phone OR ANY OTHER PHONE exist? My phone has a level, compass, GPS, music player, internet, has a FULL KEYBOARD (US & International) in either the vertical or horizontal position plus 25,000 other useful applications. No more sudo internet web browser for me!

      My iPhone is not just a phone or an iPod. It it a highly sophisticated computer system with the worlds best browser on the phone. I can run SKYPE and talk for free worldwide. Can you phone do that? Face it, there is NO device on the market today that is as fast, reliable, versatile as the iPhone. Instead of knocking it, you really should give it a second closer look. You may be suprised at what you find.

      Over 80 million people can’t be wrong. AND THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND. Since most people own a iPhone, and they use AT&T and calling between AT&T cell phone is FREE….. I wonder what that does the the overall rate plan.. I’ll spend more time on the phone and spend less money than you will regardless of the carrier.

      Unless of you course you only know 5 people. He He He

    • Guest

      I would love to know why you are so immature.
      First, my iPhone can stop my child from annoying me. I can just start up monkeyball, and she can tap away. Can your blackberry do that?
      My iPhone has UMA, and yes, there is a FREE APP FOR THAT, in which calling is FREE.
      My iPhone can monitor a patient’s heartbeat, blood glucose, and many other vital signs. Can your blackberry do that? Maby there is an app? Oh yeah, you don’t have an organized app catalogue that my 6 year old can figure out!
      Can your blackberry sync with a computer, without crashing it? And don’t give me any fluff. I have a 3 ghz 64 bit Windows Vista Ultimate PC with 6 GB of ram, and the Blackberry Manager would always crash.
      So you see, your blackberry may be good for you, but for the rest of the world, the iPhone is the way to go.

    • http://www.guyberry.com Guest

      I don’t spend much time on blogs but this was brilliant. Are you on Twitter. Would like to follow your funny comments

    • Guest

      1. I have have been using cell phones for about 12 years now and in that time i have never felt the slightest compulsion replace the battery. I have a charger by my bed, i have one in my car, i have a solar charger that i can take anywhere. I will never need to change the batery.

      2. the only phone i ever owned that had a flash was my sidekick. wow what a pointless feature. A camera on a phone is a frivolous option in any event. I have a camera. my phone camera is just for snap-shots on the fly, a flash does not enhance this purpose.

      3. the iPhone can send and receive mms. but really, why would i want to send an expensive mms, when an email is free and just as fast and easy.

      4. again i have a very nice camera for that. The few times i had video capable phones it was amusing but pointless. I even got one of those G3 (the British mobile provider) videoconferencing phones, completely pointless.

      5. why would i want a lame memory card, which i never have the right reader for when i can just dial straight into my iphone’s ip address through my wifi network without ever taking the thing out of my pocket.

      6. another time waster. yep i really want to spend 3hrs setting this crap up. the only time i would ever use voice dialing is if i were in the car, and my car does that just fine.

      7. yah but that is true of most high end proprietary phones.

      8. the iphone has been capable of streeming audio for a while now.

      9. this is true, but why would you have your junk mail account forwarding to your phone anyway? (lol i have were not gonna take it as my email notification.)

      10. yes you can do this, always could. just touch the little button marked groups in the top left.

      11. ok true real copy and paste was not available until the v3 software update, but since then i have never used this function. The ability to dial numbers from text messages or web pages has been available since version 1.

      12. ok you got me there.

      13. a touch screen is just as accurate as a button keyboard. i regularly write lengthly documents spreadsheets and even powerpoint presentations in the quickoffice suite of apps.

      Now before you accuse me of being an iPhone fanatic, i’m trading my iPhone for an htc hero (not that sprint knock off, a real one imported from the uk). Once Google releases Google wave, email, im, and all social networking sites will be obsolete and only the android os will have native support.

      You seem to think that downloading apps to expand functionality is a bad thing. Expansion is the main selling point in most good smartphones.

      There are no phones that do everything you listed. Really, i went round the carrier online stores, entered all those features into the search. Nada.

      Last: i would rather not have a phone at all than use a blackberry. It sucks not having separate keyboards for typing and for dialing. the web browser sucks hard.

      P.S. the irony that att is the only company that will not be getting a gohone is not lost on me.

  • Guest

    Who are you kidding? That thing you show side-by-side with the iPhone has no chance. I mean look at it for a start. The only device which poses a threat to the iPhone is the Palm Pre. Not only is it attractive, but it is more powerful. However, there are only 30 apps, and there won’t be any more until the (US) Summer when they release the SDK. If the Pre fails then, and only then will I develop for Android. I don’t think it has a chance. So if you’re looking for a PDA phone I’d go: iPhone, Pre and Windows Mobile. With the above caveat on the Pre.

  • Guest

    The iphone vs the googles android system…its like watching a heavy weight championship boxer going against a light weight rookie. The iphone is a freaking ipod that makes calls. I’ve owned an iphone and it was ok to say the most, bought the G1 and was blown away.
    This new iphone is simply faster…oh cool. I would rather have a much better phone than one that’s just faster..the g1 is that better phone. Its like a desktop computer in your hands. Iphone freaks, well you’re all simply freaks. So what if there’s not much info about googles new phone, the lack of won’t hurt the impact that the phone will make. The Trash can should be full of iphones. My iphone was turned into a baseball and everyone heard the “crack” of the bat as it exploaded. Apple make a real phone and not just a fancy ipod.

    P.s. the g1 plays music too and lots of it and surely the new phone will as well…

  • http://www.kratom-world.com Kratom

    The iphone will always come out on top as its the original.

    • Guest

      Original after the palm and pocket pc smart phones, in the same way as the ipod was original after the iriver and archos. Apple haven’t had an original idea for the past 30 years.

      • http://www.storycardsoftware.com Guest

        You’re kidding right? Their marketing ideas are brilliant and they keep finding ways into duping people in to thinking they’re better! I like Apple just fine but it’s the PC that put computing on the map and the reason is that the PC always sacrificed towards open architecture. Yes Google is taking over the world and the G1 is just one more brilliant way they will.

        • Guest

          First of all, neither you nor the original poster seems capable of penning a grammatically correct sentence. Second, Apple has had many original ideas although not all have been successful: The Apple computers, the Lisa, the Newton, the iPods, iPhones, the MacBooks and the MB Pros and the best GUI ever–one that has consistently been ripped of by MicroCrap.

  • http://www.independentcomputerconsultant.com computer consultant

    If only iphone had keyboard it would have been 100% perfect. Gphone is way too bulky compared to iphone.

  • Art G

    I am not really in a position to comment on either as I dont even own an iphone, but I have seen one in use.

    The on thing that is missing on an iphone for me, is the ability to “minimise” an app and still have it running. The main app I would use is Skype, and I do find it disppointing that my contacts are unable to call if the damn thing is not running in the background.

    Maybe this is inpractical – I dont know – just seems with internet bundled in with all the packages, this is something I would want before I bothered with it – otherwise might as well stick with a basic phone and a PDA.

  • http://www.HostingDude.com the Dude

    In response to:

    By computer consultant (WPN reader) – Sun, 06/21/2009 – 21:47
    If only iphone had keyboard
    If only iphone had keyboard it would have been 100% perfect. Gphone is way too bulky compared to iphone.

    Um, you’re a “computer consultant”? I really feel sorry for your clients. You advise BUSINESSES to buy iPhones for their employees, do you?

    After all, if it just had a QWERTY keyboard, it would be “100 PERCENT PERFECT,” as you said.

    I can’t stop LAUGHING. My dachshund is STARING at me — but even HE thinks it’s UPROARIOUS too.

    It is totally not appropriate to call someone an “idiot” in a forum like this, no matter how STAGGERINGLY STUPID of a post they make, so I will definitely refrain from doing that, being a polite person and all.


    You’re certainly not a “computer consultant.” Oh, I’m sure you call yourself that, and I’m sure there are people with less knowledge than you who might be fooled into thinking you actually know ANYTHING about computers, much less phones.

    But I can tell you this. If someone came to meet me at one of my business interests, and purported to be a “computer consultant” and tried to sell me their services, and then their iPhone rang and gave away the fact that they know NOTHING about business whatsoever, hmmm, well, I think I’d send the guy packing. If only it were legal to still give people like a swift boot to the posterior on their way out the door.

    Do you actually READ, um, ANYTHING?

    100 percent perfect? HA. Perfectly USELESS.

    Just scroll down to my last post, and read the dozen things that an iPhone CAN’T do, virtually ALL of which I use EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    This is the post:

    By the Dude (WPN reader) – Sun, 06/21/2009 – 16:32
    CHALLENGE to iPhone USERS — Pick up your phone and DO THIS!

    Now go ahead, pick up your iPhone and try to do ANY of those things. You CAN’T.

    How can you call the iPhone just a keyboard short of 100 percent perfect when it can’t do ANYTHING ESSENTIAL?

    The iPhone does make a great paperweight, although it’s doubtful the new one will because it’s a bit lighter.

    I’m sorry, but now I need to return to a little place I like to call PLANET EARTH.

    • Mystified

      “Just scroll down to my last post, and read the dozen things that an iPhone CAN’T do, virtually ALL of which I use EVERY SINGLE DAY.”

      Dude you’re dumber than words LOL – scroll down to your post and THEN read the replies to your misleading statements.

      “I’m sorry, but now I need to return to a little place I like to call PLANET EARTH.”

      This cracked me up because I was going to say, “What planet are you from?” because you obviously don’t read current earth news or reviews or else you wouldn’t have said what you did

  • http://www.earthsphere.com earthsphere

    The fact is, most of you stated your case and you are all right. The iPhone is a great machine, but so is the Treo, Blackberry and many other PC based phones. I for instance, have an (once new) Cingular 8525. I can do video, text, skype, copy-paste and all the other things the iPhone can do. The difference is that I got my phone 3 years ago, and I could do then, what is becoming available on most phones now. Yes my phone is a little bulkier than the iPhone. No biggie for me. My battery, still 3 years later, lasts 1 1/2 days. The real difference for me is that I can do all that without a data plan. HAHAHAHA. You heard me right, I configured my 8525 (the best kept secret of the phone industry) to harvest wi-fi from place to place, even as I drive. I only pay for my calls. Except that when connected to a wi-fi, I use Skype to call my friends in Brazil, UK and Germany. ALL FOR FREE. Unless I can’t get them connected to their 8525 or PC. In which case, I use Skype out and call their home or work phone numbers for pennies…
    So, here is what is going to happen. I am going to go and buy a new iphone 3GS – hold on… I do believe that the gPhone is going to take over the cell phone industry. IT WILL HAPPEN. But it will take them about 5 years to get there. Mostly because of their poor marketing strategy and red-tape. So, It Doesn’t Matter what you buy now, in 5 years, you will want/need a gPhone. Your now super cool, iPhone is going to be old and buggy. So, you all need to relax. The cell phone war have not started yet. But when it does, the gPhone Open Source machine(S) will win. I Guarantee it.

    • Guest

      I disagree. I’m not really an apple fan, but it doesn’t seem you take into consideration that iPhone will keep improving the iphone over the next 5 years.

      Open source hasn’t really done very well in the computer marke, what makes you think it’s going to do better in the mobile one?

      I think the only area where the iPhone will suffer is if they don’t end their exclusive contract with ATT. They’re losing out on much of the market in that respect.

  • http://lindipendente.splinder.com Dario de Judicibus

    Both phones are closed worlds, too much coupled to proprietary environments. Surely good phones, but I like openess, as in Nokia N97.

    • Guest

      umm no…

      the android os is completely open source. you are free to delete all the t-mobile crap and install a “pure” android os.

  • http://tradeshow-stuff.com tradeshowTerry

    I know I’m dating myself by saying this, but I will anyway…
    I remember when heated debates like this were about MAC vs PC.

    • http://www.guyberry.com Guest

      But, now that you can get a powerful notebook for under $400, …..

    • Guest

      “By tradeshowTerry (WPN reader) – Wed, 06/24/2009 – 00:18
      I’m dated
      I know I’m dating myself by saying this, but I will anyway…
      I remember when heated debates like this were about MAC vs PC.”

      what sucks is that now apple is the big evil corporation and android is the little grass roots open source company that everyone loves.

  • mark

    LOL on some of the misinformed comments.

    I just went to the G3S after they got rid of DMA in Ituens and added Cut and paste as well as several other critical things that were added with last years G3 model.
    I really liked my Tilt 8925 and my 8525 and my 8125 except they are a bit on the flimsy side. I have had two Tilts die and be replaced and I have two other HTC older phones sitting around that don’t work and died an early death. I used to do Nokia and they were bullet proof but at the time didnt have a good smart phone. (I know they do now so dont go there)

    I like the NEW G3S iphone better than my 8925 Tilt. I do slightly miss the hard keyboard but not much. Main thing I miss is the arrow keys. No arrow keys on iPhone and so you have to try to touch your big finger inbetween small letters, other than that the keyboard works fine.

    The phone is much better than the Tilt iPhone easer to dial and use and see for my old eyes.
    The music player iPod is much better than Tilt Windows Media Player
    The screen video is much better than tilt.
    The touch secreen is better for finger usage on iPhone but Tilt lets you use a stylus which is nice.
    On WinMo if you open the phone it will ALWAYS go landscape. iPhone application has to be written to support landscape or nothing happens when you rotate.
    No compairason with browsers. iPhone has them whipped. I installed Bolt and Opera Mini on WinMo they were better than IE mobile but no where as cool as iPhone.
    iPhone has Google apps but they arent as good as Office Mobile.

    Iphone GPS maps are great as are the WinMobile (google maps and Bing maps etc.

    Battery on new phone is decent I listened to Slacker for over two hours last night streaming from G3 and battery went down aprox 15%. I had push mail going all day used GPS and then Slacker music for over 2 hours and still had about 45% battery left.

    The WinMobile phones let you do things without Apple Arrogance like make any MP3 a ring tone. In iPhone you can do it but you havve to play tricks on iTunes. iTunes gives you some crap about only songs purchased from iTunes are available for ringtones. You have to do an easy work around to get them in, it’s not hard but a matter of principal. Apple wants $.99 to get out of bed in AM…

    I don’t really care for apple AAC codec I preffer Mp3 WMA or any open source format to Apple Propritery stuff.
    WinMo has a remote desktop app (remote Desktop) built in and I am an IT administrator and have used this to service servers in the past. It is not fun looking at a server screen via a 2×3 inch portal but I have restarted my server in Texas while on vacation in florida. Terminal Services is not in an iPhone.
    There are some things I like better about my WinMobile phones but I wouldn’t go back right now, (maybe in the future never say never)

    Hope this helps

  • http://www.guyberry.com Guest

    The focus has been Blackberry. How do you think the Iphone stacks up against the Palm Pre ….besides being stuck with Sprint until the end of the year

  • http://howtotricks.co.cc/ Ume

    Well I have read the articles & the comments, but still confused which phone to buy. I am currently using BlackBerry Perl and willing to buy a new one coming month…

    • http://zelrik.blogspot.com Zelrik

      I am not sure about TMobile, but the mytouch 3G is way better than the iphone, I bought the canadian version of it and installed the Hero interface (you can find tutorials on how to do that on the web). It’s an awesome device.

  • http://www.storycardsoftware.com Guest

    I love my G1 and am really proud to pick technology based on practical reasons instead of marketing hype. The hysteria around the iPhone is unwarranted, it’s about the same as the G1. Some things are worse, some things are better. Point is, however, the G1 is an open platform and the race just started. Watch the iPhone become Apples undoing in about 2-3 years (since they’re now focusing on that instead of the Mac!) while PC’s and Android DOMINATE the world of internet based mobile computing.

  • Ahmed

    I think iphone is much better than the Gphone in almost every posible way and feature. I think the only phone thats going to compete iphone will be Nokia Aeon ( http://www.domesticutilities.com/pmg.htm ) . I am waiting for this phone i have heared that its coming out soon

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