iPhone Gets New Version of Gmail

    January 15, 2008

The Google Mobile Blog reports of some cool enhancements for the iPhone including a new version of Gmail specifically for the iPhone. Here is the entire list of updates as reported from the Google Mobile Blog:

  • Customization of tabs: We’re all very diverse in what products we use, particularly on mobile. Now you can customize the tabs you want on Google.com. Go to the More tab and press "Custom tabs" to select your favorite three Google mobile products.
  • New and improved Gmail: The latest version of Gmail delivers messages to your inbox without the need for you to refresh it. Also, if you need to write an email, we help you complete the address — you only need to type out the first few letters of your contact.
  • New and improved Calendar: A calendar can be one of the most important things on a phone. Now Google Calendar is faster and has a month view.
  • iGoogle for the iPhone: One of the most common requests to date has been to include personalized modules. We’re happy to announce a new iPhone-optimized version of iGoogle that mobilizes all of the modules you know and love. Simply click on the iGoogle link from the Google.com home page or go to http://www.igoogle.com/.

Below are a couple of screenshots of the new updates:

iGoogle for iPhone

New Gmail for iPhone