iPhone 5 Rumors: A Comprehensive Infographic

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It seems like the iPhone 5 rumors started as soon as the iPhone 4 launched last year - and it actuality, they did.

Just a month after the iPhone 4 dropped, people were talking about how Apple was already hard at work designing the iPhone 5. By the end of 2010, we had rumors about the upcoming phone's new processor, release date, and even wireless payment functionality.

That rumor mill has only intensified up to this point. As of now, most speculations point to the fact that the iPhone 5 will launch soon, probably in early-to-mid October. What will it look like? Reports are conflicting, but many feel that it will be thinner, wider and sport a larger screen.

Oh, and of course there are all those rumors about what carrier will have the device when it launches. The probability of a Sprint iPhone 5 looks good, while there have even been talks about a T-Mobile iPhone 5.

This infographic from allareacodes.com shows the "roadmap" of rumors - and boy are there plenty. Displayed as a set of Apple apps, the infographic labels each speculation as fact, rumor, or "correction" of a previous rumor.

iPhone 5: The Rumors and The Roadmap from All Area Codes

by All Area Codes

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