iPhone 5 Rumor: Release Date Not In September After All?

Does anyone know when this thing is coming out?

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iPhone 5 Rumor: Release Date Not In September After All?
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Earlier we wrote about a rumor that was making the rounds on the Internet that Apple would beholding a media event on September 7th. The initial thought was Apple would use this venue to launch the uber-hyped iPhone 5.

It now appears that the September media event isn’t happening, as sources have flatly denied to Jim Dalrymple of The Loop:

Reports began to surface yesterday that Apple would hold a special event on September 7 to launch the new iPhone, but that’s not happening.

According to my sources, Apple will not have an event or launch the next iPhone on September 7. It’s hard to say how that specific date was chosen by the sites that started the rumor, other than it fits into the timeline of previous Apple events.

At this point it’s unclear when Apple will hold their next media event. It could still be in September, as it just appears that Dalrymple has only squashed the rumore of the event being on the 7th. So, realistically the iPhone 5 could still be announced sometime in September, we’ll just have to wait and see. It’ll also be interesting to see when Apple finally does announce the iPhone 5 if it includes rumored built-in projector.

It should be noted that Dalrymple is pretty well known conduit for insider Apple information. He’s even been referred to as an “unofficial outlet for debunking rumor claims”.

iPhone 5 Rumor: Release Date Not In September After All?
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  • http://excelandaccess.com/ Christopher T.Fennell

    Man, how much longer will we have to wait? I purchased iPhones 1 thru 3, and I did not get iPhone 4, as it was not that much better than the iPhone 3G S, which is what I have. Well my phone is old and slow and I have been waiting to buy the iPhone 5. Release it already.

    I have the iPad 1, and will probably get the iPad 3. But what I really need is the iPhone 5, at AT&T. And yes, AT&T sucks, but I have reasons for sticking with them.

    Great article.


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  • http://www.dealsteady.com catche

    Yeah,anyway, no matter when the iphone 5 will be released,I will support it as always!

    And http://www.dealsteady.com will supply the cool gadgets for iphone 5 like the we have done for iphone3/3GS/4.

  • http://iphone5shopping.com Michael Roche

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  • http://www,wordpresstraining.net.au Andy

    I’m completely OVER the whole Iphone secrecy/rumour thing. I’ve been waiting half the year with anticipation for the iPhone 5 and am finally fed up…. So, I thought I would try on of the latest Androids, and you know what … I LOVE It.

    CYA Apple.. release the iPhone 5 (or not) whenever you like… I know longer care.

  • http://my-gem.net Shawn

    I hate these rumors. I am also fed up with the secrecy as well. It’s a freaking piece of machine. Nothing more, nothing less. Stupid Apple!!

  • http://www.tellmygov.com Boris Ackerman

    I heard that it will be in October, and i will be at the apple store getting one if they do.

  • http://www.mobilemartin.com/ Michael Martin

    Apple has to keep delaying to save embarrassment of being lapped by the latest Android phones.

    The Samsung Galaxy II at least matches if not surpasses the coming iPhone iteration which rumors seem to indicate its about the same as the Nexus S released LAST year…the next Nexus phone in the coming months will essentially be what the iPhone will copy next year.

  • http://www.FirstMaid.com Brad

    Attention APPLE, an open letter to Apple!!!

    You are forcing my hand. I have the 3GS and it is getting old. I was holding out from buying an Android so I could buy the Apple iPhone 5. These silly rumors have me wondering just when the new iPhone will be out. Why should I wait? If you want me to wait… you have to let me know why I should (tell me something about the new iPhone) and let me know when the new iPhone will be out. If you don’t, then you have just lost a little bit more of the market share.

  • http://bea-anin.blogspot.com/ bea

    so, when is that?

  • joe

    If they don’t release this soon enough. I’m switching phones. Cant stand the iphone 4

  • http://www.TellMyGov.com Boris

    http://www.tellmygov.com is coming out with the new app for iPhone 5 for the site make sure you check it out

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