iPhone 5 Rumor Fatigue? Here, Hold My Hand

Bizarre iPhone case is one of the strangest things you'll see all day.

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iPhone 5 Rumor Fatigue?  Here, Hold My Hand
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I’ve got to hand it to the Japanese. WTF, guys?

In what might be the strangest way to house your beloved Apple smartphone, they have come up with this: A human hand case. It’s a perfect way to house your now-unbearably-boring 3GS or 4 while you are waiting patiently for the iPhone 5 to drop.

Not only can you protect your iPhone from drops and scratches, but you can do it while protecting yourself from loneliness. The life-like hand cases come in two types – a woman’s hand and a child’s hand.

Here at WebProNews we are regrettably bereft of Japanese speakers. So I translated the original site to English using Google translate. The results are interesting.

From what I can gather, the fake hand might feel a bit rubbery. The site says “Is the elastic material, not so much soft hands, please understand.” It also says “please avoid surprises and to how weak of heart or the elderly.” Conclusion: It may freak out your grandmother.

It looks like the case will run you 4.762 yen. With current conversion rates, that’s about 60 bucks.

What would be the benefits of such an odd and cumbersome iPhone case, you ask? First, there’s the obvious plus of always holding someone’s something’s hand as you chat away. Life can get lonely, and it might be nice to always have a helping hand.

Second, you can flip your phone face down and the hand now becomes a convenient holder for pens, pencils, envelopes – you name it. Third, impromptu thumb wars. And finally, as the site recommends, palm readings.

Isn’t this wonderfully bizarre thing a welcome break from all the iPhone 5 rumors?

iPhone 5 Rumor Fatigue? Here, Hold My Hand
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  • Traveler

    It’s a novelty item offered by a small no-name company (not “the Japanese”). You’ll probably never see one in actual use, but it’ll draw hits to the seller’s site, and maybe even rack up a few orders as gag gifts. (Humans are indeed wacky creatures, though sometimes with a bit of method to that madness.)

    Let readers know how you put your phone hand to use once it arrives. : )

  • http://www.mojowebdesign.com.au Damian

    Brilliant, just what i always needed………why?

  • http://www.swiftecurrency.com Liberty Reserve

    Its really interesting…

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  • SoftwareGuy

    I’m not sure I want to know how perverted men will use it.

    • http://so-cal-strippersconnection.com/ Lauren

      Lol… you know there will be many men who do :)

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