iPhone 5 Rumor: Bigger Home Button, Bigger Frame

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How much different will the upcoming iPhone 5 look compared to the iPhone 4? That's one of the biggest questions surrounding the (supposedly) imminent release.

Some rumors have suggested that the new device will be both thinner and wider than previous models. Another popular rumor that has been floating around for months is that the iPhone 5 will launch with an elongated home button.

Hong Kong blog unwire.hk has given us what they claim to be the first leaked design shots of a screen protector for the iPhone 5. Their various pics corroborate previous rumors concerning the buzzed-about new specs of the device. This first pic suggests that the phone might have that elongated home button after all -

This next pic shows how much larger the screen protector is compared to the entire frame of the iPhone 4. Of course the screen protector can't speak anything to the possible thickness of the new device, but it does suggest the the phone will be wider and longer.

Assuming any accuracy to these pics, it would mean that the screen of the iPhone 5 will in fact be larger than the 3.5 inch screen that the iPhone 4 sports. Some rumors have said that the new screen will be anywhere from 3.7 inches to over 4 inches. However, two recent rumors have suggested that the screen will remain close to the 3.5 inch standard.

Most speculate that the iPhone 5 will arrive sometime in early-to-mid October. Yesterday, we reported that a French Telecom CEO suggested the device would be arriving on October 15th, which happens to be a Saturday. Apple usually likes to launch new phones on Thursdays or Fridays.

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