iPhone 5 Event Invitation Adds To Mystique Of Apple’s New Device

    September 5, 2012
    Chris Crum
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This week, Apple started sending out invitations to its September 12 event, largely considered to be its iPhone 5 event. Much of the talk leading up to this, suggested that it was unlikely that the device would actually be called the iPhone 5.

When the company unveiled the most recent version of the iPad, it was simply called the “New iPad,” despite rumors leading up to that of an “iPad 3″.

However, there is a not-so-subtle hint pointing to an “iPhone 5″ release in the invitation graphic, which looks like this:

iPhone 5 Event

Can you spot it?

Either this thing is actually going to be called the iPhone 5, or Apple is very blatantly messing with everyone. The blogs and press have been calling this device the iPhone 5 since the iPhone 4S was announced. In fact, before that, we were calling that the iPhone 5. Some people even held off from purchasing the 4S simply because it was not the “iPhone 5″.

In fact, anticipation of the iPhone 5 has even hurt Apple’s iPhone sales, though it has hardly hurt the company’s value.

Gizmodo recently made a pretty good case for why the device would most likely not be called the iPhone 5. As the publication noted, the original 2G iPhone was just called the iPhone, the second one was called the iPhone 3G, the third one was called the 3GS, the fourth one was called the iPhone 4, and the fifth one was called the 4S. The major point being that the fifth generation iPhone already exists, and it’s not called the iPhone 5.

But why the 5 in the graphic? The mystery continues. We’ll know soon enough.

Some analysts expect Apple to sell 250 million iPhone 5s.

More on the alleged iPhone 5 here.

  • matt

    I agree that Apple is trying to go away from numbering the versions in any way that would make this the 5. My best conclusion is that there may be a convergence of 5 devices announcement of some sort? Maybe we get the Apple TV sneak peek and they blow our socks off. Maybe there will be 5 versions/iterations of some sort of the new phones. Remember when the iPod starting branching out into various sizes and colors? The iPod mini came out in five colors. That’s happens to be right around when sales really blew up. To date everyone’s been stuck with a pretty monochrome iPhone. Sure the cases help characterize them, but there is plenty in the mill that this phone is going to be a lot more durable this round. Chew on that one for awhile. We shall see!

  • david

    The “5” may refer to 5G! Now that would be huge!