iPad Popular Among IT And Business Professionals


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The iPad is loved by consumers, but it’s loved even more by business professionals.

IDG Connect recently conducted a survey that said that 91% of business professionals use an iPad more for business communication than personal communication.

IDG says that their own survey of U.S. consumers found that 60 percent of iPads never leave the home, and 70 percent of usage occurs in the living room.


On the contrary, 51 percent of IT professionals were found to always use their iPad at work. A further 40 percent said that they sometimes use it at work. 79 percent said that they always used their iPads on the move.

Only 54 percent of IT professionals use their iPad at home. Even then only 31 percent said they only use their iPad for entertainment, and only 42 percent said they use it for personal communication.

The iPad hasn’t caused many people to abandon their other devices though. Only 12 percent of IT and business professionals said that the iPad has completely replaced their laptop. Only six percent said that it replaced their PC.

That doesn’t mean that it’s affecting usage of these devices though. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed said that they carry their laptop around less. Over half said that the iPad has partly replaced their laptop. IT professionals in the Middle East and Asia are more likely to use their iPad more than other regions.


The iPad is disrupting traditional mediums with users moving to digital meida. Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed have said that they hardly buy newspapers anymore. Half say that they are less likely to buy films on DVD.


IT and business professionals use the iPad in interesting ways with 79 percent using it for web browsing. Seventy-six percent use it for reading and 73 percent use it for news consumption. Fifty-four percent use it for work communication while only 42 percent use it for personal communication.

Loyalty to Apple is also high as only 17 percent of those surveyed would consider buyiny a different tablet next time.

As to ownership, three-quarters of respondents purchases their iPads privately. Only one-quarter were supplied with an iPad by an employer.

The survey then breaks down the usage by country for more detailed specifics. For those interested, the full report is here.