iPad Finds A New Competitor In Pakistani Military

    February 20, 2012
    Shawn Hess
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Since first being released the iPad has grown steadily in popularity. With that fame has come many manufacturers who are hoping to cut into Apple’s profit margins with their own incarnations of the popular tablet. The latest competitor may come as a surprise to many. The Pakistani Military has started offering what they call the PACPAD1, a low budget, Android-based version of an iPad. Assembled at an air force base in Kamra, Pakistan, the device is available for about $200.

It may seem rather strange that the air force and military are involved in consumer electronics manufacturing, but experts believe it may be instrumental in boosting Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex or PAC is where the devices are made and PACPAD is not the first device they have created, they also produce e-readers and laptops.

Mohammad Imran, a small electronics retailer in Rawalpindi comments on the PACPAD1:

“The original is the iPad; the copy is the PACPAD,”

The PACPAD1 is an even more cost effective device than other competitors of the iPad have been able to offer in Pakistan. While some are excited about the economic prospects others are concerned about the focus of the Pakistani military.

Jehan Ara, head of Pakistan’s Software Houses Association reports his confusion on the matter:

“Even if they could sell a billion units, I can’t see the point. The air force is supposed to be protecting the airspace and borders of the country.”

I don’t know what it is like over in Pakistan, but if the United States Air Force began offering low priced tablet computers, I think some taxpayers might object. Then again, most of us have access to computers in this country, they may not in Pakistan.

  • Fasial

    Jehan Ara needs to know that Pakistan Airforce has a Seperate Branch that works for women welfare , Arts, studies & it also Runs universities & colleges. That operation is entirely away from military operations. If jehan Ara n her lot have not made a pad till now that’s the failure of Hardware & Software units like her’s. So if Military makes it via an extention unit it all Good for economey.

  • http://Www.freetvall.com Nauman

    Technology will become low price for average user in pakistan after this. Its a great news for pakistanis

  • imran

    my response is obviously good because they have shown their potential, hope this ipad @ other many things come in market in cheep cost.so that people could get it easily………….so good things should be praised.

  • Yasir

    idiot man says computers are not common in Pakistan, if I am not mistaken it was a Pakistani company by the name of Ten Pearls that programmed India’s low cost tablet PCs………anyways gud work, the price should be brought even lowerer

  • akbarhassan

    well done PAF . u can not stop drones and other air violations leading to AbbottAbad but we are proud u can copy any thing on G
    od earth.when u will roll out f16s

  • imran atif

    We should feel proud on our army role to save us and serve us.This is positive sign towards our economy we should think always positive.Pakistan Army,Navy & Air Force all are identity of pakistan and this PACPAD 1 is also the identity of pakistan feel proud instead of……