iOS 7 Download Problems Run Rampant

    September 20, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Apple released the iOS 7 update on Wednesday, and some users have had a lot of issues when trying to update their devices. Not only are many users having trouble downloading the iOS 7 update, they are having difficulty activating the download as well. While any Apple update is going to have glitches, some users are reportedly spending hours and hours trying to update their devices.

If Apple is trying to get their iPhone users to smash their old devices in a fit of anger so they’ll buy the iPhone 5S that is released today, then well played, Apple, well played. If their goal isn’t the destruction of older devices, however, then the company is off to a rough start with the operating system that is supposed to compete with the Android.

While slow download times is one huge problem being mentioned with the iOS 7 update, many users are reporting getting download errors.


So far there is no word from Apple on all of the iOS 7 download problems, but an update that is (at least mostly) bug-free should be released eventually. Hopefully an update won’t take months, as was the case with the iOS 6 bugs. Just a side note–the writer of this article has an iPhone 5 and updated her phone to the iOS 7 yesterday with no problems. The download and update took all of 15 minutes. From the looks of some humorous Twitter posts, however, such an easy download and installation wasn’t the norm.

Do you plan to update to iOS 7? Discuss your experience below.

After users eventually update their devices to iOS 7, the new operating system does have some pretty cool updates. In addition to flatter, more simplistic icons, the camera settings are improved, a Control Center was added and multitasking is made easier.

Main image via YouTube; Error image via Sun

  • rick rodriguez

    Tech Talk SNL: Ohh update take to long for new Iphone oh very sad very sad. We here in China say it also take to long to get pay check after working 80 hours a week and only getting paid 80 dollars. We so sorry your upload is taking to long, what and hour for upload ? Ohh to long I just hope I can feed my family of 6 with 80 dollars.

    • Liz

      @Rick rodriguez – Very unusual Chinese name that you have. Me think you troll.

      • Al

        Family of 6? You can’t have more than one child in china, corredt? Alo, they pay cash, not paycheck.

  • Sue

    I downloaded iOS 7 to my iphone with no problems yesterday, but it took about 15 minutes. Downloaded to my ipad 4 last night, but was unable to install. Kept getting this error “unable to update because you are no longer on the internet”. I know I’ve tried at least 20 times with no luck. Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mohammad

      hi you must go to setting > general > selluler > on selluler
      i love u

  • Jude

    I downloaded IOS on four of my devices last night with no problems. Don’t know what the fuss is about!

    • Erika Watts

      Just updated my iPad as well, no trouble there either!

  • Dale Bartholomew

    I’ve downloaded and installed iOS 7. I had some problems to begin with upgrading iTunes to the latest version, but after that, all went smoothly and I like the new OS.

  • Dee

    I downloaded this and lost all of my apps….. I was on the phone with ATT for 45 minutes trying to fix it. :(

  • yolanda taylor

    It took 15 maybe 20 minutes and I love it!

  • Karen

    We only had a problem with my daughters phone. She lost her contacts and apps.

  • cliff

    who wants an iphone any way?

    Get a Droid. It is way better in every way than an iphone. The iphone is just for people who dont know anything about technology, them and toddlers.

  • Mikee

    i finished updating my iphone 4 after more than 5 hours. not sure if it was the speed of the internet or whatever. -.-

  • Tim Schneider

    I downloaded iOS7 for my iPhone 5, but I did it at home with a good WiFi connection. It only took 10 minutes to download, and then it had to reboot the phone twice. Total time from start to finish was less than 20 minutes. And it worked PERFECT. I made sure I backed up my phone on iTunes and to iCloud before I did it, just in case anything went wrong. It’s running perfectly and I love the new software. A bit similar to my old HTC ONE world phone, but much much faster and no email glitches! I love the iPhone 5, and I definitely love the new iOS7. Worked fine for me!

  • Erin

    I don’t know why everyone is having problems mine took about 10 min of me not being able to use it.

    • http://www.hamiltoons.com Scott

      They why comment if you’re not having problems? LOL

  • Jim Petro

    I bought my wife her 1st computer.. the latest I Pad. She is thrilled! However, she received the notice for updated to v7.0 and we agreed. The download and installation was quick.
    Then she could’t find her favorite sites……then the screen only opened in portriat…. then it flipped to landscape up-side down. The keyboard is now a light gray color, difficult to see and use.
    She is enrolled in a class for I Pad beginners next week and we wonder if it will be cancelled because the instructor is also trying to get v7.0 to work.
    And there are no instructions on turning back to the previous version.

  • Jim Irgens

    I downloaded IOS 7 to my I Phone 4S and iPad no problem. The I pad downloaded faster then I Phone but still did not take that long. No problems so far.

  • Devoni

    Mine updated fine on Wednesday but now I cannot connect to imessage using my phone number. Just my email address. I have other coworkers having the same issue. :(

    • SueLaboo

      I’m having the same issue. I receive imessages on my ipad mini, but they’re not coming through on my iphone. The ipad is wi-fi only, so that’s not very helpful.

  • William Sheppard

    I updated an iPhone 5, an iPhone 4s and an iPad mini with absolutely no problems with the update or the activation. Very simple. I am 77 and not particularly computer literate.

  • Mitch

    The download took over an hour and it seemed to go fine. My issue is that it now says I have hundreds of unread emails and I can’t clear them no matter how I try. Whether one at a time or in bunches !

    • mike

      I have just the opposite problem. The download took an hour for my iPAD and now my emails come in and as soon as you touch one they all disappear. I have to be quick to tag them all and MOVE them to another file. As soon as you read one they are all gone. Plus, you have to go into settings and turn off a lot of functions that are running in the background draining your battery down fast. I don’t like the looks of the icons. I wish I could get the old iSO6 put back on. I’ve warned my wife not to download iSO7 till they get the bugs out. I regret it. It worked just fine with iSO6! I don’t need the new functionality.

  • Indya

    Apparently, when my service gets down to 1 bar, there’s a pop up saying SIM Card Invalid. Because of that, I can’t message anyone on imessage, even on WiFi. It’s supposedly happening with other people who use Sprint, so I’m hoping there’s some issues resolved with that soon.

    Other than that, the download took me about 30 minutes to install, and has been ok. It’s a bit too bright for my taste and I’m not really feeling the homescreen’s bottom bar aesthetic, but I do enjoy it’s new features.

    • Al

      I’m having the same issue: Invalid SIM. Apple helped me to fix it, but it keeps happens again and again. After I turn the phone off and back on, it stays good for about an hour and happens again.
      I’m taking my iPhone 5 to a Sprint store after work today to see if they can fix it.

  • Donna

    Downloaded upgrade to both my IPhone and my IPad – no issues!!

    • Edwin

      iOS 7 messed up my camera (4). The front camera works sometimes but the main camera doesn’t work at all. Help????

      • angela c

        Mine did the exact same thing I can do faceview from the front but the regular camera and flashlight doesn’t work from the back of the phone. I was scared u was the only one that happened to. Gonna go to the apple store ties and see what they say. I’ve only had my phone for 3 weeks. I wish I would’ve never updated my phone now :(

        • fred branham

          Same here, camera dead as hell, sometimes the front phone works, none of the buttons for camera work. what a bunch of …apple

  • Don

    Downloaded iOS7 to three iPhones simultaneously Wed evening . .
    WHAT issues??? one took about 30 minutes to DL, the other 2, less than 15 minutes each . . . . . no problems!!!! :)

  • Mel3024

    The update on my iPad took about 30 mins on the day the update was released. I have had no problems with it.

  • BD

    Hmm. Yeah. My plan all worked out just fine– I’m sorry the rest of you are having troubles with uploading the downgrade.

  • Chrsitna

    I had no issues at all, both of my devices downloaded everything is running fine, perhaps this is a problem with user error.

  • hialtitude

    No problems whatsoever and I downloaded to both 4s and iPad. Love update and all is working great.

  • Michael

    I updated my iPad Mini to iOS 7 yesterday morning, around 11am Pacific time. The process took about 2 hours to complete, between the download itself and the reboot / update time. So far the new operating system has worked just fine, no problems to report.

  • Beth

    No problem downloading but a fully charged phone at 12 MN will be dead at 7 Am after sleeping all night. Really draining battery. I have a 4S that was draining 40% at night before install.

    • Rick

      Beth, Try turning off your apps. They will run in background even when you’re not using them. This is easier in 7, all you have to do is flick them up off the screen.

      • Mary C

        It took overnight to update and then the battery would not charge an I couldn’t receive any messages or e-mail. I did a hard restart (held the power and menu button until and Apple appeared). Solved the connection problem, but can’t hold a charge for long.

  • pete

    You are a D Bag for this BS article. IOS-7 is running fine on all my APPLE devices. Take your Samsung and shove it. This is garbage spewing at is best. Congrats.

    • jaime

      guess you didn’t see the part where the writer endorsed the ios7? reading is fundamental.

  • Stephen

    No problem downloading but I DON’T LIKE THIS UPDATE :(

  • ACar

    It took me about 35 minutes and I had nary an issue. Typical over-blowing of a few problems by Apple haters.

    • Sheila

      No, not at all. I have loved my iPhone until this undate. It has caused hours of stress and frustration. What an inferior operating system!!!!!!!

  • http://webpronews.com M K Richert

    iOS 7 appears to have caused the keyboard function on my iPad to cease working properly. I am now faced with a nasty type-wait-type-wait situation. Not pleased at all.

    • p

      Reset ur ipad. It will fix the problem.

      • Shelley

        I have the same problem with a delay when typing. I did reboot my i-pad but it is still doing the same thing. Any other advise?

        • Dani

          Go into Icloud settings and make sure that Documents and Data are off. This is what fixed all my keyboard issues on my Ipad after the update. My keyboard was lagging really bad and when I tried to do a capital letter, it wouldnt work, but now everything is fine with the keyboard. Now I need a fix for how massive my pictures are when I try to use them as wallpaper. It says I can move and scale but it just goes right back to a huge massive picture. Any help?

  • Scott Weaver

    I started the updating process by downloading the new version of iTunes. That was so on my Macbook Pro I tried to cancel after fifteen minutes but system said I can’t cancel once process has begun, so…

    Over an hour later it finally had installed but I decided it would be much smarter to wait a day or two until demands on Apple’s servers reduces. I’ll try again this weekend.

  • Cesar

    I was uploading the software update when my phone locked up. Showing the itunes and the usb cable on the screen. I couldn’t do anyhing at all. I had to connect my iphone 4s to computer and itunes to restore my phone. I lost thousands of pictures and some contacts. My phone after the restore was like a new phone I had to download all my apps again. Very fustrating situation the att store couldn’t help and the apple store didn’t have any appointments available until three days later. I wish I hadn’t tried to uplaod it.

    • Dwight

      Had my 4s iPhone to lock once. Was told to press home button & power button at the same time for a reboot. Hold the 2 buttons for 3 sec.

      • Momofiphone

        My daughter’s phone would not come on after the update so I tried this and it came back… thank you!!!! I was really frustrated because she is 2 years away from an upgrade and I was regretting letting her get apple. My husband and I gave galaxys (s3/s4) and never have problems.

    • Kimberly

      I am now having the same stupid screen… USB plug with iTunes pic. Just plugged it up to the computer to restore. :(

      • Nachshon

        Same thing happened to my iPhone 4

        • justin

          I updated to ios7.since i did that…i can’t type on mxit or read anything,then mxit crashes.what do i do????

  • Sonia Scott

    Can’t connect to my wifi. Invalid password. It worked fine before the upgrade.

    • Jaque

      I am having the same problem. Every time I try to connect to my wifi it says I have the wrong password. I have to shut off my iphone5 and my wifi router and let them reset, and then it will connect. The problem is that is is a temporary fix. A few hours later it drops off wifi and I have to do it all over again. Anyone know a permanent fix??

      • http://www.hamiltoons.com Scott

        Same here :(

  • Sam

    It’s draining my batter! It’s insane how it’s draining my battery! I was told to reinstall it cause it could have software problems! WTH!

    • Sheila

      Same problem here. Also really dislike the color scheme. Batter noticeable depletes. Any advise? Plus will not let me retrieve voicemail without a password, which I have never set.

    • Deborah Lanigan

      My iPad 2 battery drained complete right after I upgraded both iPad and iPhone 4S . Plugged in the iPad a 8 am… At 10:30 pm it had reached 48%! During the night when I put it down the connection dislodged. Morning, dead. 8 am to 3:30 pm it charged to 17 %. Called Apple . Still , btw, the best customer service in this country. They immediately said they would send me a new one. The iPhone battery was draining faster but not like the iPad. Other issues with that. Not loading pages… Would time out. Hit contacts… Facebook opened… Closed, back to home screen. This scenario could occur with any iconi hit.
      The biggest issue was I simply had not investigated this upgrade. Most of us purchase a phone not based on functionality … We actually make the decision based on it is visually what we want. I explained to Apple that I work very hard for my dollars. I purchases the apple products I have in a large part because I liked the way they looked… The way the software looked. I no longer had the 2 products I purchased.
      They said the would send me 2 new devices to arrive in 5-7 days. I told them NOT to upgrade prior to sending ( yes, folks… Nobody is stuck with IOS 7 like everyone on the net is posting.
      I also asked if they could please call my local Apple Store , tell them what I’m doing, instruct them not to upgrade prior to handing them to me. She did a 3 way call… I was in the Apple Store in 20 min . We swapped out. I set up my new devices there to insure the stores tech support did not upgrade prior to the sales person handing them to me.
      Every Apple Store, Best Buy, Walmart.. Etc only have devices in stock that are running on IOS 6.1.3-4.
      If you go in to purchase… They will take out of the box and upgrade it . I made sure Apple gave them specific instructions. I read a million times online ” once done … You can’t go back. Luckily “can’t” has never been part of my vocabulary… And commons sense told me that back stock in every store across the country are all IOS 6.
      Unfortunaky all 2000 photos in my camera roll are gone. 6 is what remains. I’ve been researching data recovery software . Some are specific for IOS and retrieving photos. I had done backups on icloud and PC but have done a restore with the new devices and no photos are showing up on cloud or iTunes.
      Logic tells me they weren’t deleted so they exist somewhere. Just don’t know where and not sure about these ” recovery ” program sic
      Any thoughts on this issue?

  • TLG

    Downloaded the update today. It took 39 minutes and worked flawlessly. No problems at all.

  • Michael H.

    From start to finish in about 20 minutes. No problems !

  • Shannon Silva

    Just downloaded apple ios7, took me 20 minutes to download while traveling and could not use the Maps feature. The security features better be good in this one, or else it is a waste of an operating system. The graphics suck!!!!

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ios-7-download-problems-run-rampant-2013-09 Peggy

    I like the iSO 7 but hate the color scheme does anyone know how to change the color scheme.

  • Peejay

    I cannot update my ipad mini.. When I Press the software update at it just Shows checking for update. Waited 12 hours still the same. Please help on trouble shooting thank you

    • Pat

      Make sure your IPad is plugged in. It needs at least 50% charge to run the update.

  • Gary

    Downloaded last night in about 10 minutes without a glitch. The software is very easy to use, the colors vibrant and the programs run much faster.

  • http://www.manilaeventsexclusive.com Organizer

    simultaneous download could be the reason

  • Daffy

    Apple sucks.

  • Nicole

    I downloaded the new update on my phone and my daughter did the same to her phone. Now, for some reason when I send her a text it comes right back to me? How do I fix this? And also, I’m getting some of her friends texts. Called Apple and they couldn’t help.

    • Tom

      Call your carrier and they can help

    • Gail

      Were you ever able to solve this problem? We are having the same issue with three phones. We are getting text messages from each others phones and from friends. Sometimes they go to all three of our phones and other times it is just two and on occasion they only go to the correct phone number.

      • Rachel

        Try going to Settings / Messages / Send & Receive – Here it shows you all the numbers that are connected and can be switched off. Hope that helps

  • Sharon

    I updated my iPad 4 to iOS7 and I cannot get any programs to open. Help

  • Kory

    I tried downloading on my iPhone 3. Now all it does is flash on and off with just the apple showing. Please help.

  • Harry

    Already downloaded ios 7 but took a long time
    But wheb my phone restart it didnt change ???
    When i check on my iphone version its still 6.1.3 ??
    What happen ???

  • http://itunrs Debbie

    I had no problems downloading the iOS 7 and it works fine for me
    but the <:-) is a lot bigger screen is way better everything because I'm an old bitch upon me nowand believe me I'm really really sorry to say that I'm an iphone girls to the bone

  • Ian

    Since I downloaded iOS7 on my I phone 4 – I’m having problems with text messages when I type my message nothing comes on my screen for about 15 seconds and then the message types out – When you type the letters they don’t high light like they did before I uploaded iOS 7 – can anyone advise me how to resolve this problem – many thanks

    • Alice

      Download took about 35 minutes, but now the kepboard is messed up. The first letter comes up as normal than nothing. If you continue typing it takes several seconds for all the other words you typed to come up. You can’t shift to get the numbers etc. I’ve restarted the phone 3 times and it doesn’t help. Also, all personal photos I use for the lock screen or home screen are MASSIVE! It says you can scale and save, but you can’t. Over all not impressed, because without the keyboard the phone is pretty useless!

    • jon

      My issues are the same as the previous 2. Slow texting and some apps are gone from home screen.

    • Danny

      I got this help from apple …May I ask if you’ve tried doing a hard reset on your phone to see if that fixes the issue? won’t lose a thing!!! It’s just a way of forcing the phone to shut down and restart, that’s all. Do it by pressing and holding both the power and home buttons simultaneously for about 12 seconds or so, and that should do it!!!

      • Alan

        Danny thanks a lot for this. The hard reset did it for me; I had these problems even with icloud completely disabled. Alan.

    • Randal

      “Disable ‘documents and data’ in the iCloud settings and that fixes all keyboard problems.”

      • Nitin

        That worked like a charm! Is there anyother method to speed up the lag without disabling the document and data in icloud

      • Elisa

        Thanks. It worked! But what does that mean for my apps?

      • LARRY

        Randle that work great” many thanks

      • Suze

        Thanks so much, that worked finally!

      • Pat Barwick

        Thank you! This worked immediately!!!!

      • Claire

        Randal, if i could, I’d kiss you! Thanks. Now I don’t want to throw my phone across the room, which I suspected was apples master plan.

    • LARRY

      ian I agree with you1 since e download TEXTING SUCKS.

    • GAil Meis

      I have the same problem. I uploaded 7.0 with no problem. However when I type a text or on facebook, there is a 15 to 20 sec delay in seeing what I just typed. How do you fix this?

    • Mackenna

      To stop the delay, go onto iCloud > documents and data and turn it off. Then go onto your messages and type something in to see if there’s no delay. From my research this is only a temporary fix and apple need to find a way to fix this bug. I hope this helps (:

      • Rozimac

        It worked! Many thanks Mackenna.

    • Rozimac

      I am having the same problem, it was driving me crazy having to wait at least 10 seconds between typing a text message. But I have found that I can type several words, then wait and eventually they come up, now driving me mad rather than crazy! Come on Apple, you can do better than this.

  • Collygirl

    I just downloaded iOS 7 to my iPhone 4S. And all my apps are gone… Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. help!

    • Yolanda

      Mine app icons gone too! They open when I look them up with the search tool, but nowhere to be found on the home screen! I agree! Help!!!

      • Yolanda

        I did the hard reset thing and apps are back but on screen 3 and 4 with not much on screen two:-) yippy!

        • Deborah turner

          Also updated and all purchased apps are gone so how do I reset? Also I have no internet now, Help

    • jennifer

      ever since I downloaded ios7 my facebook is slow downloading pics and you tube and fb won’t download videos. any suggestions?

      • Alan

        Jennifer, i’m having the same problems with videos. Were you able to get an answer/solution to this?

      • Norm

        Since upgrading my IPAD to iOS 7, a lot of my news feed pictures in my Facebook interface are not loading. I also lost some of my pictures for my contact list.

        Has anyone else experienced this issue?

      • Norm

        Since upgrading my IPAD to iOS 7, a lot of my news feed pictures in my Facebook interface are not loading. I also lost some of my pictures for my contact list.

        Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    • LMG0924

      I lost all of my apps and all of my music…HELP!!!

  • Katrina

    Really hating the beige colour scheme, everything looks like big coloured balloons – reminds me of a children’s video game the way it looks and operates, very cheap looking.
    Has anyone worked out how to keep your photos the same size when using them for wallpaper? This is blowing photos up so big you only see a piece of the picture .. I’ve tried everything I can think of :-(

    • Marzi

      The same thing is happening to me! I tried to change my home screen after I got iOS 7 then change it back but now the picture is huge. Not liking that at all.

  • Emma Ramsden

    Since updating my iphone I can’t receieve texts from some of my contacts, even though they are receiving mine. How do I fix this? x

    • http://www.thepatrioticpam.com Pam @ The Patriotic Pam

      Emma….sounds like you guys are sharing an Apple ID. You can share Apple ID within your iTunes store in your settings, but if you also share that same Apple ID for iCloud settings, one of you will receive the others text messages. It’s new to IOS7. Hope this helps. For more IOS7 Tips and Tricks try http://www.thepatrioticpam.com/2013/09/apple-iphone-ios7-tips-and-tricks.html
      Pam @ The Patriotic Pam

      • terra

        I’m having this same issue; I can send text messages to my husband who also has an iphone 5 but can’t receive his. If the problem is that we’re sharing an Apple ID, how do I fix this? Thanks!

      • terra

        I’m having this same issue; I can send text messages to my husband who also has an iphone 5 but can’t receive his. If the problem is that we’re sharing an Apple ID, how do I fix this? Thanks!

    • Bobbio

      Since upgrade to io7, I have a six to eight second delay between all screens especially when sending or receiving e-mail. I’m thinking about dropping Apple and going Android now. This is not and I’m not buying anything extra for my 4S.

      • Luke Jones

        I am having trouble with my button to change from screen to screen is not responding after downloading the new ios7, is anyone else having trouble with this?

        • Angela

          Been having the same problem. Very frustrating.

    • Mark

      I updated last week on my iphone 5 to ios7.14 and now cannot use my notes reminders nothing, what gives? i wish I had never changed

  • Rachel

    Hi I’ve got an iPhone 5 and after downloading ios7 I can’t get any 3G or internet access when not connected to wifi. Have checked settings, restarted network settings and checked mobile data is on. Any ideas anyone? I’m on O2. Thanks

  • Jdoho

    My iPhone went into restore mode and I’ve lost all photos, etc. I’ve tried for 2 days to get the phone working again. Apple is telling me that it is a problem with my network. The guy form Apple yesterday ended with “try to have a nice day”.

    • Missy

      I had two problems, My Itunes account had been disabled and could not download or update any apps except the IOS7.After the IOs7 download I had wi-fi connection problems. On surfing the web I found the phone number for Apple customer service, and dialed it from my Iphone. 1-800-694-7466. . I got the help I needed,, they contacted Itunes and they enabled my account and brought it up to date.. Then I was told to reinstall the apps I was having problems with. Now everything works perfect and I got the speed back in my wi-fi.

  • Chris

    My iPhone won’t let me upload videos to YouTube I hit publish and then it just freezes up. It’s been doing this since the ios7 update.

  • Mark

    Well, iOS 7 only took 1 hour for me to install. Check Apple’s iOS 7 compatibility chart. It worked just fine on my iPad mini.

  • Maryann

    Is anyone having trouble with their texts? In the other version I was able to delete portions of my texts without deleting the entire message and also miss the forward button on screen bottom. There are some portions of the text I need to keep without a complete deletion.

  • jennifer

    ever since I downloaded ios7 my facebook is slow downloading pics and you tube and fb won’t download videos. any suggestions?

  • Kathryn Gardner

    Mine downloaded just fine! However, the battery doesn’t stay charged for long and my games cut off every time I send or ask for extra lives from my friends.

  • angela c

    My camera is jacked up after updating my iPhone 4 it’s only 3 weeks old and the main reason I got this phone was for the camera. I can use front ire where you can see yourself but the regular view from the back doesn’t work. Also my front screen is now the flashlight it won’t work from the front screen where it’s supposed to. Very frustrated to say the least. It took over 2.5 hrs for my phone to upload!

  • Abb

    After installing new IOS 7 some of my application Icon missing from the phone. Application are running but I cant find the apps icon. Any idea how to fix the problem?

  • Willow

    Hey, after downloading ios7 on my iPad I havin been able to download apps from the App Store? Everything else works fine just that? What’s wrong with it?

  • Nicole

    Help!!!! I just updated my ipad 2 now I’m completely Locked Out!!! Its not taking me thru the setup and needs a passcode I never set!!!! What do I do!!!!

  • Mirella

    Well bug in deleting emails, as it keeps unchecking itself, and talk about draining the battery, I have hardly any apps or use my phone and am recharging 2-3 times a day….

  • Keith

    Since I’ve downloaded the OS7 to my 5, I’m having trouble with my viewing videos.

  • Randal

    regarding the “lagging keystrokes”
    “Disable ‘documents and data’ in the iCloud settings and that fixes all keyboard problems.”

  • Karen

    Since loading iOS7 I cannot get sound for videos without plugging in my earbuds. What’s with that. I can’t adjust the volume at all.

  • Sam Henning

    I was in the minority as I managed to download ios7 to my iphone 5 without much trouble. I had to delete all my videos to free up enough space though. Now I have come to reload them from the icloud I just keep getting an error message and told to try again later. Driving me mad.

  • rileydj@verizon.net

    I downloaded to an iPad (ipad 3 I think)and it only took 20 mins.
    But now all my web sites require a complete log on every time – so bad I quit using the ipad!
    Tried accepting cookies, told it to aut fill asswords, etc.
    and the flat colors – hate it!
    Hate the hole damn upgrade now – what good did it do?

  • Fouad

    Since upgrade to ios7 i can not view any excel sheet with macro enabled ( the message is Microsoft excel 2007 spread sheet macros enabled ) by the way i didn’t face this problem with the previous ios ,, any one can advice , thanks

  • kate b

    Having a nightmare of a time with this update. Ready to throw phone through the window! Arggh!

    I got that error message after a half hour of downloading. Had to restore my phone three times now, at least 10 minutes each time. ALL my apps are gone. And I hate this new font – it’s hard to read. Grrrrr!

    G-d F-ing d-mn it!

    Anyone have any idea how I can get my apps back? Is going through and download everything again my only option? F!

  • Cathy Mac

    Since downloading iso7 I am getting zero sound from my iPad.
    In order to try and fix this problem I have been told to erase everything and re-download.
    However, I can’t back up several apps for which I have paid. It appears I need to have a computer o. Which to download iTunes to save these. It is all a great deal of trouble and meanwhile I am missing radio programmes that I seriously wanted to hear.
    So, think twice before downloading iso7!
    I wonder what Apple are going to do to help.

  • Brianna

    I updated my iphone to the IOS 7 and now my instagram will not load at all! Can anybody please help me? Please.

  • neil

    I downloaded ios 7 and had no problems during the download. But once it downloaded I lost all of my contacts. Has anyone else had this problem and does anyone know of a way to get them back?

    • Joy bailey

      I lost mine too! Planning to call Verizon

  • susan

    Where are my apps?

  • http://MSN Vicki

    After downloading IOS7 onto my iPhone 4, I am getting bombarded with requests for my Apple password, MSN password, and Outlook password. It is so annoying I wish I hadn’t upgraded! Anyone else with same issues?

  • Glenn

    I downloaded Version 7 and wished I hadn’t. Some of my apps stopped working properly. Galaxy is looking better all the time.

  • Hakim

    After I installed ios7, I can’t charging my ipad mini
    and I tried to on/off plug over and over again but I can’t.

  • Joy bailey

    I lost my contact and note information. It remains on my iPad. Please help!,,

  • elena

    i updated my iphone 4s no problem, i’m just having issues with my app store, i can’t go in, it show me a error that says Cannot Connect to App Store. Has anyone had this same issue? i need help

  • Jan Barber

    Your article here only mentions phones. What about iPads? I downloaded ios v7 to my ipad no problem, but do not like it. Cannot play many games, have locationa on my photo albums which bear no resemblance to where I live, and can’t find out how to change the map locations. I don’t like the general presentation, and find any benefits are far out weighed by faults. I wish I had never upgraded. I’ve read loads of complaints on various web sites about incompatibility with games, notably Zynga. Are apple trying to force us to buy more of their games?

  • http://Yahoo Kelly

    My keyboard is on a long Delay. Forget about texting or searching anything that requires a keyboard.

  • Mandy

    no problems updating i OS7. but now the i pad mini takes 20hours to charge to 100% and the charge only lasts about 2 hours even when the i pad is switched off. I tried the hard reset but to no avail. Please advise

  • Bids

    Since upgrading to iOS 7 in iPad , I am not able to search anything in YouTube.it crashes immediately…

  • Don

    iOS 7 has consolidated all my different mailboxes into one big mess!

  • DZ

    I have an iPhone 4S and just did the iOS 7.0 update a couple days ago. I’m having one huge problem so far which is bothering me. I have an Apple TV which I’ve been using since last Christmas to mirror what’s on my phone onto my TV.. it’s been working beautifully all this time. After the update was completed, the Apple TV Mirroring option disappeared from my phone. Does anyone know if this is just a temporary bug? Is there anyway to fix it? If this can’t be fixed, I feel like Apple just reached into my pocket and stole a hundred bucks from me (the cost of the Apple TV). I really hope I don’t need to wait a whole year to use my Apple TV again.. that’s how much longer I have until I can upgrade my phone through Verizon. Does anyone else have this problem? Any answers out there? Thanks!

  • Ammar Malik

    I updated my 4GS to IOS 7 few daya go. it worked well for one & half day but then it starts “No Service” issues.
    Now completely No Service on my sim with any network.
    Any one faced/heard such issue?
    Pls Pls any help would be appreciated…

  • Sherleen

    Is anybody having any problems charging their phone after installing the new iOS 7 update? I am noting that it does not show the phone is being charged at the top right of the screen and I am not sure whether it is charging or not. Just started trying to charge it a few minutes ago and saw this. I tried to charge on my computer and it did not appear that it is charging. Plugging it into the wall doesn’t show it is charging so I guess time will tell if it is actually charging. Just wondered if anyone noticed this or if this is just a problem that popped up out of the blue on my phone.

  • atalie hoes

    i kinda dont like this update because i cant text very well, it keeps glitching and is acting very slow, my phone is terrible now and doesnt work. i cant stand my phone now cuz of this update!i have to use my ipod 4 to text now!!!!!!!! :(

    • http://www.webpronews.com Kary

      I’m not having any problems with texting but, where the heck is the internet now?? Use to be able to swipe to the left on home screen and it’s come up but, after update I can’t find it

  • http://www.webpronews.com Kary

    I updated my Iphone 4s to the ios 7.0 update and now I can’t figure out how to get on the internet? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Annoyed!!!

  • http://Duffysautoservice.com Bryan

    It’s tough getting used to it but it is growing on me. The One major complaint I have is that I’ve noticed my iPhone 4S that was supper fast on iOS 6 and now is very slow with 7. It takes longer to downl

    • http://Duffysautoservice.com Bryan

      I was saying it is slower to download anything now.
      I believe they will fix it but if they don’t I’ll be pissed I upgraded my phone. Can we do a restore from back up and put 6 back on our phone?

  • Shandale

    My iPhone went from AT&T to sprint when I downloaded the iOS7 I can’t receive text send text or make phone calls how do I fix this problem I need my phone for work and children

  • BK

    Updated to ios7. Now all contacts are gone! Texts have no names. Backed up to computer and iCloud before updating. Now when I go to restore they aren’t in the cloud and when I restore from computer, they appear then a few moments later they are gone! What gives?? This totally stinks!

    • fatima

      i have the same problem, when ever i try to add new contact the contact list disappears, help !
      any suggestions?

  • Tiffany

    Ever since i updated my ipod to ios7, my internet won’t stay connected and keeps telling me it can’t connect..

  • Jen

    Downloaded iso7 on my iPad and now FaceTime doesn’t wor.

  • anaamaria

    Ive upgrade my phone 4 to ios7 and im having problem with texting. its quite slow. downloading ios7 wasnt a problem for me. any ideas how to fix the problem?

  • Andrew Parry

    Have installed iOS 7 I like the simplistic feel although does remind me of a skin cream add its so clinical the key problem for me is that the keyboard doesn’t enable in the contacts .. So now no matter how often I click in the field I get no keyboard whatsoever .. Frustrating to say the least..

  • Syl

    After installing new IOS 7 I can’t open my photo vault,can’t key in my password because no keyboard appeared….Any idea how to fix the problem?thank you so much

  • Karen

    After downloading IOS7 and making a phone call, the receiver of the call cannot hear me unless I switch to speaker. A total restore has not remedied this issue. Very frustrated. Any help appreciated!

    • Simone

      I have the same problem.

  • David

    Since I got the ISO 7 update I can’t send photos the button is there but it just freezes every time I press it?

  • Vj

    Everything is working fine after the 7 update, but can’t download any movie from within the isafe app. Also the lock screen freezes and doesn’t respond sometimes. Hope Apple fixes this soon.

  • mark davies

    I have updated my Iphone 4 to the new operating system and I wish i hadn’t, the text is verrrryyyy slow, and its looks like it is a fake screen, I am moving to android sorry apple but you have lost me and i expect many more to come.

  • Mrs m

    Since updating my iphone 4’s soft wear to iso7 I can’t send picture messages. Any ideas?

  • Jen

    I updated to iOS 7 today and experienced major lag in everything…from entering my password to texting and emails. I tried doing the restart which didn’t fix it. I then went into the iCloud Documents & Data and turned it off and now I have no problems.

  • Reza

    I’ve installed IOS 7 on my ipad mini with no problem, but downloading any games from app store takes very long time. I didn’t have this problem in ios 6. anybody any suggestion?

  • Marion Gillanders

    I have just downloaded ios7 but cannot now get past the screen with the user agreement at the end! I keep hitting the ‘Agree’ button but nothing is happening. Help

  • Ivan Deshmukh

    I have used ipods/itouch for the past 10 years with no problems but I find the new ios7 had caused most of my videos to appear as empty files (0 bytes)…I have lost most of the videos it took hours to find and download. Now when I download videos via Rocket/Youtube iTunes keeps stalling and often deletes all my videos. Please tell me if this mess is going to be resolved. All I keep doing is repeat downloads to restore the videos that iTunes keeps deleting.HELP!

  • patches53

    Can’t update due to:
    Size of phone – 16Gb
    Size of update
    Available space left on my phone.

  • Jay

    If you want your IPhone 4S and 4 to keep performing well, then do not install IOS 7. Anytime there is a new IPhone, Apple comes out with an update then makes all older models crash or lose performance. I have been an iPhone user since the first iPhone and experienced this everytime. I am completely happy with my 4S and until Apple comes out with an Iphone that is an extreme upgrade I’ll just stick to the current IOS I have installed. I would rather upgrade by personal choice rather than be influence by a debilitating software update.

  • Liz

    I am selling my Apple shares. This is so bad. I lost all my contacts. If this is the best they can do there is no future for this company.

  • Karen Caprioni

    I didnt have any problem with the download other then the fact that I cant get my old version back. This supposedly “wonderful” update eats my battery life like no other. I have turned off a lot of unused things to try and conserve my battery but nothing helps. HELP I WANT MY OLD VERSION BACK! I hardly use my phone yet just one thing eats up battery like heck. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Jill

    Love the new update, however everything I text to anyone my husband gets the texts as well and the same with him!!! How do I fix this????

  • Maggie

    I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 7. But I have a contact who is getting all my texts 3x.

  • Larry Stovall

    I downloaded iOS7 on my iPhone 4S, and it worked flawlessly, looked really nice. Apple released an update iOS7.02, and now my phone cannot connect to WIFI. I have tried several approaches to correct this but my phone now provides about 25% of the value it had yesterday. Apple needs to address this, as there is a lot of traffic on the internet about this same problem–and no one has answers.

    This is a major FUBAR and the competition, no matter how disgusting some of their products, are now looking like a good alternative. Apple historically does not stumble; in this case they fell off the chair.

  • Jack

    Updates iPAD 3 to IOS 7 and no problem. IOS7.0.2 came out and the iPAD no longer works???

    I will never trust an update from apple again.

  • Linda

    Since I downloaded operating system 7, my iPad mini which I purchased in March 2013, takes longer to charge and is hard to get to 100%.

  • http://webpronews mercedes

    I downloaded the new app. for my Ipad and added a new passcode and it has now locked me out! I cannot open my Ipad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!

  • darren

    If got iPhone 4,downloaded ios7 and now I can’t make or receive calls…..help please

  • danielle twomey

    Since I have download IOS 7 my phone freezes and stops working, I do not get my texts as I should. I called ATT they advised me to back up and restore to original settings…still not working. This is my work phone as well it has been horrible experience.

  • Rae

    Has anyone else had probs sending email since iso7 had my iPad 2 working fine before now I can only send emails to my own accounts on my email personal to business and vice versa but to no one else, can’t reply to any emails I get

  • Sheila

    I updated my iphone only today and what happen was can’t see my facebook, fb messenger, skype, ebay and etc. I can’t open and asking old password of an apple Id because I change it when I tried to update all the aps. I need help. PLEASE!!!

  • Jill

    Apple has officially ruined the “user friendly” version of the iPhone. When I first got my iPhone 2 weeks after it came out, my kids could use it. Now in 3 days, I have NO idea what to do. Everyone I know who hasn’t downloaded iOS, I’ve warned them. DONT DO IT!!!!!!

  • Janine B

    I am able to send text messages but can’t receive any. I also am unable to connect with iMessage because it says there is a network issue. It is awful. I use the phone for work and this is a huge problem. So upset! Does anyone know how to fix this? I have spent so much time trying to fix it without success.

  • Angery customer

    Absolute horrible update. Since I’ve upgraded to the new ios 7 I’ve had nothing but problems. Every night around 7-8 o clock I no longer receive anybody’s text messages for several hrs until around 11-12 I will receive every text people sent me all at once. Also my imessage will no longer work around this time and all my texts take up to 30 minutes to send and when they do people complain to me they received the text several times. My battery dies twice as fast as before even with all my apps off and using the same previous battery saving settings I had before. Apple has a lot of work ahead of them to fix this garbage upgrade

  • Nathalie

    Since the update trying to put a photo as my wallpaper has become a serious problem it magnifies the photo x 10 so u can’t move it scale the photo or anything it looks obscure n pixeled, n that’s only the minor problems someone please let Apple know “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” the wallpaper feature was fine before now it’s just annoying

  • Zoe

    I have updated my I phone 5 to ios 7 and now I cant receive MMS messages, I can send but not receive, any ideas? I have checked that data roaming is on, mms is on, any other ideas?

  • Glennis Couprie

    My husband and I both have ipads – since installing ISO7 both of them completely lose their charge; I charged to 100% before going to bed and in the morning both of them were as flat as a tack. Yes, I did close off anything that was open and this has only happened since installing the ISO. Tried different power cords in case one was not working but no good. Any suggestions please? Oh my Ipad has changed to Telstra in top left hand corner.

    • greg terterian

      i am seeing big downgrade on battery and big time logging when i am typing. while u type suddenly you wont here clicks and it wont type anything , next thing you know it displays 6-7 letters at once

  • Marci ascherman

    I cannot play words with friends keeps telling me to connect through i tunes…this message will not go away … Have to turn off my phone…Have taken off the app and reloaded several times ..will not work.. Has anyone else had the problem with the newest upgrade?

  • Norene,

    Can’t texted pictures from my camera roll since the update. Whether it’s one picture or more

  • Norene,

    Can’t texted pictures from my camera roll since the update. Whether it’s one picture or more

  • Barbara

    I wished I had never installed it on my iPad as now I can not get it on
    the thing won’t turn on and I have tyres all the things I can to get it going with no luck
    Why don’t they just leave thing as they are

  • http://facebook ivan


  • Shstrang98

    One reason I dumped Android and got an ip5 was to avoid androids instability. Low and behold Apple has found it necessary to force a large o/s download that will not only eat up space on my 16 gb phone that I could have used to shoot video I may not be able to use my device because it may lock me out and be a useless brick.

    The old O/S on my phone is working fine. LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE. Can’t Apple that?

    After my ip5 croaks out I guess I’ll back over to android.

  • Shstrang98

    One reason I dumped Android and got an ip5 was to avoid androids instability. Low and behold Apple has found it necessary to force a large o/s download that will not only eat up space on my 16 gb phone that I could have used to shoot video I may not be able to use my device because it may lock me out and be a useless brick.

    The old O/S on my phone is working fine. LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE. Can’t Apple that?

    After my ip5 croaks out I guess I’ll back over to android.

  • Dino Beganovic

    this morning I got msg to upgrade my iPhone 4 to update 7,2, I did that, and since then I can’t use my phone at all, there is just iTunes icon and charging icon, my phone is dead, do anyone have trouble similar to mine? I need help!

    • Stacie

      Yes my iTunes app won’t open without crashing tried everything :(

    • greg terterian

      same here

  • Keith

    Download ios7 videos wont load how can I get ios6 back

  • Angie

    I also had the problem of the screen locking up showing the USB iTunes cable on my iPhone 5. I’ve tried several times to hold both buttons down to force a restart with no luck. HELP! I have no phone! Wish I never would have tried the upgrade! Oh and I upgraded my iPad with no problem.

    • greg terterian

      i have the exact same problem… will u please keep me updated when u fix yours?

  • Unhappy with this

    I deleted good music for this nonsense. Took forever. I am underwhelmed. Fix this. The text features are horrible.

  • Stacie

    My iTunes app keeps crashing and Lloyd’s bank app won’t let me log in anymore I need this app urgently!!! Apple sort it out! Where do I go to sort this? Iso7 is as slow as a PC!

  • greg terterian

    they really did it this time. yesterday my phone said there is a new release even tough i updated to 7.0 on friday, so i thought that there might of been some secutity problems so they came up with a patch right away so i did it…
    my phone is useless piece of shit (i am at the hospital and was using my phone to stay connected) and does not turn on anymore. it shows power cable and itune icon but the phone does not response to anything. hard reset simply takes you to the same place. however my ipad went through it w no problem even though since 7.0 os typing on it is lagging big time….

  • http://www.facebook.com abie

    I can’t download games because I updated my iphone4 to ios7 so embarassing hoooo!!!

  • linda

    How do I get a normal screen. Can’t open phone. Only get an itunes icon and an arrow with what looks like a credit card slot
    Am very angry

  • Meg

    After I updated my iPad 4 to OS 7 now I can’t save any images or photos . Please help

  • irene

    I downloaded IOS7 with no problem. Now I have to enter my pass code . I hate it . When I go to settings …general …passcode lock …it says Immediately. It gives me no choice to turn off . Why ? Help !

  • Stephanie

    I have a iPhone 4s and every since I did the update my phone won’t update my Facebook page. If I turn off the wifi my Facebook updates just fine. I have done the hard reset and reset the wifi and still no change. What do I do now?

  • susan

    hi i have down loaded ios7 but now i can not send videos vi email can anyone help please.

  • Crissy

    I just would like to put a picture of my family on the back ground of my phone and can’t!

    That’s it. Everything works fine.
    What’s the point of the cool camera stuff if you can’t put the picture on your phone.

    What I think is weird is how not everyone is having this problem. My Sister has the iPhone 5 too and doesn’t have this problem. But somebody PLEASE tell me what to do!

  • Lynn

    Wished I’d never updated. Graphics are child like, texting is frustrating and functions are minimized… Can’t wait to get back to an android–should never have touched the Apple!

  • cheebase

    I wish I never upgraded to iOS7… this new interface sucks. And I was generous with that phrase. Its a bona fide poison-Ive…
    Can anybody tell me how to revert back to the previous one?

  • Julie

    I have a 4 and when I go to update I get an error saying I don’t have enough storage. I have tried to delete apps etc please help!

  • Delay

    Since I did the new update on my iPhone 4. I can not find my emails . I hit the email tab and my in box is not listed.
    Can anyone help?

  • Melissa

    Ever since the update, 3 out of our 4 iPhones are receiving delayed texts. And when they do show up, there is no sound notification, and the time stamp shows the time the sender texted them to us even though we are receiving them up to 2 hours later. I had no idea that my son texted me after school for a ride home. Finally he called me after I never showed up

  • http://Webpronews.com Leanne sharp

    Since downloading ios7 I’m unable to send any emails. However I’m still receiving them. How do I fix this?

  • Lin

    Since adding IOS7, I cannot access Facebook and a few other blogs without completely logging in each time. It’s getting old!! Any fixes for this? I went into control center and that didn’t change anything.

  • Cismigiu

    After updating the iPhone to 7.1 some apps disappeared, such Barefoot Atlas and cannot fnd it anymore. Any idea how retrieve any of the lost apps?

  • Jeff Lechnir

    My wife came down with vertigo , has had it for a week now. We are at the ER again … Thanks Apple …

  • Carl

    Every since I had my iPhone 5 upgrade to iOS 7.2 I can’t no longer get iTunes. How can I download my $15 iTunes card? At first it was google maps a year ago. Now it my iTunes app. Now I’m really thinking seriously getting a galaxy samsung

  • Teresa

    I can’t use my text messaging with the new update. My contacts don’t receive the messages. Very disturbing as I use it for business daily! What can I do to fix the problem?

  • lIz

    You just described the problem that I am having.. I am not going to smash my phone and buy the Iphone 5s I am going to trade it in for an samsung… Put that in your pipe and smoke it APPLE!

  • Nancy Harrison

    I get the same error when downloading ios 7.0.2 on my ipad2

  • Megan

    I upgraded my husbands phone while plugged into my computer and all I my info is now on his phone and his is gone! Help!!!!

  • sumit

    Hi after installing Ios7 in my IPAD 4 my ipad get hanged i cant do anything pls solve the problem.

  • Maureen P

    I updated my iPhone 5 to the new 7.02 and man I wish I hadn’t. Now my text messages do not say the times.. How do I fix that? I tried pushing the home button and the power button together and nothing happened.. I want my old version back.. And my daughter is not getting her text messages.. WTF

  • Helgag

    I uploaded ios7, at first I had no problems, now half of my apps are stuck in “waiting” mode. I can’t open any of them, and unfortunately they are all the ones that I use.

  • Jesse

    My iPhone 5 was working well until I downloaded iOS7. I have lost internet connectivity. Friends who have done the same and have telstra appear not to have problems. I use amaysim and their carrier Optus is where the problem seems to be. However getting info on this is not easy

  • Mike

    This is perfect example of too big to fail. When is apple going to wake up take some money out of their pocket and spend a little on a tutorial program. All it would take is a instructional walk through for new programs like ios7 that go over all the changes, formatted in a way that you could select mail,camera,safari, whatever you get the idea. How about a pop up after you download new software that gives you the option to go to apple site to view it that you can hide until later never show again if you’ve ever owned a computer you now what I’m talking about. Blockbuster was sitting on top of the mountain ten years ago and didn’t embrace change or in house investment and along came Netflix. Denial is not a business strategy, investment into you’re consumers wants and needs is.

  • Dianagc

    Had no problem installing ios 7 on my 4S, the only problem I’m having is with Words with Friends. When I open the app it immediately locks up the phone with a message that says I have to go to iTunes to “Use Push Notifications.” But I can’t even find that! I have deleted and re-installed the app three times and have turned off the phone using the top button and sliding the “Turn Phone Off” command many, many times! Any help will be appreciated…

  • Anthony

    I just got my first iPhone a few days ago, an iPhone5 and everyone told me to get ios7, I got it yesterday and all was fine, today, all my music is gone off my phone, 2240 songs but it’s still showing the data is being used….what the heck Apple….

  • Michael

    Upgraded (or attempted to) new Ipad to 7. First I needed 3GB, then it warned me that I have no power source connected and my battery was less than 50%. COntinue? YES…..It appeared to have done the upgrade until the very last second before it appeared to be done with the update (20 minutes later), displaying: Cannot install due to power being less than 50% and not connected to power source?

    Why then make it optional at the beginning of the install when it is required as a last check before done with the update. That’s an insane bug. I let you though the door to kick you out at the other end for the same reason I warned you about but let you go through…

    Seems like it was written in “subjective C” :).

  • Doris

    Ios7 is really bad news I hate it. Too many buttons to push to send an email with attachments. Or text Email does not work right. Voice memo don’t work right , calendar is all messed up. I wish I could upgrade I sure would not download this mess again.

  • Nuala Taylor

    Now I can’t enter any contacts or save any numbers. The keyboard will not come up. I can add a photo and even add more fields but the keyboard to enter any information is not present.

  • http://Hotmail Pam

    Can’t access wifi on my phone now for some reason so can’t download anything ?? Tryed alsorts it dosent work? It did when I had the phone and worked well ??

  • Linda

    I lost all my photos(hundreds) when I upgraded. Is there any way to get them back.some were the only pics I had of people who have since passed on.

  • Wingy

    Loaded ios7 all went well with down load, but bloody hell now my photo on lock screen has got bigger and some of my apps don’t fit the screen, bloody hell guys we the people have made you billions of dollars and you give us this shit, if I didn’t spend loads of money on apps I would have got rid of my ipad mini and gone for another brand, clean up your act

  • Taxvictim

    Since downloading ios7 onto my iPad….
    Cannot watch all videos. I can watch short ones. However, if for instance, I watch 48 hours, or dateline, the video stops EVERY single time between 12 and 15 minutes. I get to watch that stupid circle spin and spin and spin.

    ALSO, if I search the web, pages come up but they are all dead, not able to click them.

    I am about ready to drown my iPad in the tub. If you have answers please reply.


  • Bernice finlayson

    Yes it is slow to download and most frustrating playing utube vids shared on FB. Any suggestions?

  • mario alkalay

    I upgrade my Ipad2 to IOS7, but after that not able to download anything on app store. Please help

  • Social1

    Since the iOS 7 update, when I listen to music w/ the landscape/ full screen feature, I get random album art that has nothing to do with the song or music video I’m listening too or watching. Same happens with my playlists. Any work around with this issue?

  • Jen

    I have been trying to update my mom’s ipad mini, however “Software is not available at this time. try again later.” Alaways appear. I have been experiencing this problem for 3 days.

  • Shana

    I cant play any of my music and it was all purchased from itunes!

  • M Berry

    I updated my Iphone 4S to 7 and now the Itunes account is my granddaughters email. She has never used Itunes on my phone. Help

    • M Berry

      When I first updated the phone I ran all the updates without any problem. I only had this problem on my granddaughters Itunes account come up when I wanted to add an app.

    • M Berry

      My granddaughter showed me how to change user.

  • Kerry

    I upgrated my 4s when it first came out, I have just started have the following problems in the past couple of weeks.
    When I am on any and every call, the call is dropped, even if I have full bars. I don’t believe it is an AT&T issue. My pictures are showing on my camera roll, but when I try to view 1 at a time it the picture is completely black! Facebook contuniues to crash on a regular basis. Help!

  • hilary ireland

    My iPad uploaded the new operating system just fine…then the problems started. Time clock was wrong. I can not update any apps at all. It keeps telling me I can’t update New Zealand apps. What the heck. I’m in USA . My i pad worked fine before this stupid update. I wish I never updated to the new operating system. Grrrr… I am NOT going to update my iphone. This 7 update is horrible, and the keyboard is ugly monochrome and not user friendly as the old system. I wish I could go back to 6 .

  • Queen

    While talking on the phone i cant send a picture txt i will say not delivered

  • Sue

    Downloaednew program on my year old iPad and it died, screen went black. When I took it to the Apple store they told me in so many words “too bad lady we cannot fix and we will not give you a replacement. As far as I am concerned I will never purchase another Apple product again