IODA Guilty of Distributing

    October 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Some things grab your attention just for the coolness factor. Others whisper of revolution, a quiet promise that industrial tectonic plates are about to shift. IODA, a digital distribution company focusing on indie music, is a cool undercurrent, pulling a tide that is the promise of a sea-change.

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IODA is an acronym: Independent Online Distribution Alliance. And, as you might expect of a new wave music company, they throw one hell of a party.

Just when those in attendance at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo were getting riled up at the shindig hosted by IODA, LiberatedSyndication, and Kiptronic, hotel security pooped on the whole thing.

Of course, there were naked painted women. Loud music. Water fights, I heard. And, rumor has it, a significant amount of gyratin’. This is California, after all.

The companies mentioned above are young, spirited, excited about the revolution brought about in cyberspace. Is anyone, at any of them, even 30 years old? I’m not sure.

But Corey Denis (pictured below), Promonet Community Manager for IODA, is quite jazzed about the power to promote and distribute independent music without the music industry.

No money, no problem. No polish, no problem. Not the latest fabricated and saturated target-market, bare midriff cookie cutter, guaranteed short-lived flash-in-the-pan, pump-and-dump starlet with no cult following but a billion-dollar smile? No problem.

Wasn’t that the point of this whole conference anyway? Power to the creatives. Power to the consumer to choose the buffet over the prix fixe menu.

IODA’s clients include record labels many probably haven’t heard much about: 1001 Ways, Abandoned Love Records, Absolutely Kosher, and Arabesque Recordings, just to select from the beginning of the alphabetical list.

Denis says IODA helps independent labels and musicians distribute their music to services like iTunes, eMusic, Napster, and Rhapsody, among other retailers. The company does the marketing through Promonet, sharing selected tracks with bloggers, podcasters, streaming radio, and lifestyle sites.

Account management is done through the tellingly-titled Rightsholder Dashboard, which allows clients to manage sales, catalog data, review licensing, approve and authorize distribution.

Just remember, if you attend one of their parties, it’s best to plan an escape route for when security shows up.

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