Intranet CEO Blogs

    May 19, 2005

Thank God for Constantin Basturea’s list of CEO bloggers on his NewPR wiki,TheNewPR Wiki.

(While we’re at it, thank God for everything Constantin does for the rest of us.) Sadly, the list did me no good when a colleague and sometime client asked me for examples of CEOs who are blogging to employees on their companies’ intranets.

“Well,” I said, “there’s Paul Otellini at Intel, and then, um, there’s, well, um…”

I know there are CEOs and other senior executives using blogging utilities to communicate with intranets because I’ve been told it’s true by people I trust and respect. But damned if I know who they are or what companies they work for.

So, I’m planning on starting a CEO intranet blog list over at TheNewPR (with Constantin’s approval, of course). I’d like more than one name on the initial list! If you know a senior executive who’s blogging internally, please leave a comment and I’ll work with Constantin to get the list started. I know it won’t have any links-you can’t link to an intranet, in most cases-but I think it would be a useful list even so.

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