InTouch Acquired By MECLABS

    November 7, 2007

With a name like InTouch, it wouldn’t have made much sense for Brian Carroll’s company to stand alone.  But not to worry – it won’t.  InTouch was just acquired by MECLABS Group, which is the parent company of MarketingSherpa and MarketingExperiments.

A little background information may be necessary before we dive into things.  First, InTouch is a business-to-business contact center.  Second, Carroll is its founder and CEO.  Third, and in the interest of journalistic disclosure, I’ll note that Carroll used to be a frequent WebProNews contributor.  I’ve never met the man, though, and so we’ll return to some more relevant points.

 InTouch Acquired By MECLABS

InTouch will suffer no layoffs, awkward name changes, or physical relocations as a result of the acquisition; indeed, it appears that the company won’t be affected in any negative way.  And whatever money InTouch received can presumably be considered a positive thing, but neither side has made that amount known.

Carroll has, however, written about the acquisition on his blog, and seems optimistic about the future.  “[A]ll of us at InTouch are excited about tapping into MarketingSherpa’s practical case studies and know how, and MarketingExperiments’ online laboratory to discover what really works,” he stated.  “Together, we can profoundly change the way people think about lead generation for the complex sale.”

Assuming Carroll’s “InTouch” with the market – sorry, at least one pun was necessary – MECLABS will definitely be a group worth watching.