Into The Wild Teen Death Leads To Family Reactions


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Can passions become our downfall? The heart-breaking story of an admirable eighteen-year-old with the wide smile has left many devastated. People say that life imitates art, which unfortunately has tragic meaning to the young Johnathan Croom, who was passionate about the film Into The Wild where some are describing the interest as an obsession.

David Croom, the father of the beloved youth, shared his feelings about protecting and guiding the younger generation.

"John made us feel like he was OK, but he was really hurting inside. It's really important that we pay real close attention to what our kids are saying and that we remind them that we love them, because there are influences in the world that tell them otherwise. John is loved by many. I appreciate all the help and what everyone has done. My instincts told me this could happen. I'm trying to be strong for my community," David said.

Speaking before Johnathan Croom's body was discovered, David Croom contemplated the reason behind his son's absence. "He's been watching the movie a lot," he said. Mr. Croom added, "Maybe he said, 'I want to do it.' That's our theory, because he kept talking about the movie."

There are still many questions surrounding this situation. "We still don't know what happened, but he was lost in the wild. He got in over his head, and things didn't go well," the grieving father said.

While many questions may always remain unanswered, one answer has already been answered. The father has spoken about his concern that parents tell their children how much they are loved daily and not wait. Life as wonderful and beautiful as it may be ends far too soon. When people hear about Johnathan Croom, hopefully they will think of the joyous, smiling individual who posted videos of himself enjoying life such as the one below.

[Image via Youtube]