Interview Techniques For Frequent Job Changers

    March 31, 2003

Since 1997 I have had several job changes as a result of downsizings, market crashes or company foldings. During some of the breaks in employment I worked as an independent consultant. Prior to that I had a fairly stable employment history. This recent spate of job changes usually comes up at interviews. Usually I demonstrate the most of the changes are the result of conditions beyond my control. What would be an effective strategy when presenting your employment history?

-Martin Lissaur

Hi Martin,

If you are asking how to present your employment history most effectively on a resume, remember that you do not need to include every short-term position you have held since 1997. It may be to your advantage to shorten your list of employers.

As for interviewing strategy, be positive and focus on your overall stable employment history and the valuable contributions (skills, proven results, etc.) you can make that relate specifically to the company. Show how your recent experiences add value to the present position for which you are interviewing.

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