Internet Gurus DO Sell Products Like Crazy — Ever Wonder Why?

    June 26, 2003

Back in the early days when I started off my ebiz venture in the online business community, I always wondered why some people make tons of sales while others hardly make a few.

Despite of the obvious reasons why people fail at their selling efforts, I wanted to find out the core reason behind the ‘loss of sales’ which existed even in the case of excellent products. So my quest to explore the dark side of selling grew rapidly like a wildfire as I continue to head on with this piercing desire of curiosity. It wasn’t until one day when I finally stumbled upon an intrinsic deep thought that gave all the answers I had in my mind for solving the I-Selling mystery.

OK. Before I reveal the ultimate secret of I-Selling, let me ask you about any problems you may have in your selling system. Does your story go like this? …

You think you’ve got a great product, or you offer an amazing service. You’ve designed your website neatly. You’re somehow able to get some traffic through your promotional efforts. But here’s your problem…

Where’s the Sales? Why aren’t your visitors turning into your customers? To figure out this problem, this time you’ve got to answer this simple question yourself…

“Does your site have a winning sales edge?”

Whether you sell info products, software, service or any other physical tangible product. To sell effectively more…

You must create “Value”. Value that makes awareness. Satisfy needs. Give advantage. Because value, is what we all tend to appreciate and buy. Not sure. Consider this…

Perhaps the best example to demonstrate the importance of Value in selling could be…


Since money has a great value. Money has value because…

– Everybody knows what money is. It has awareness

– You can buy food, clothes etc. It can satisfy needs

– Can be utilized to get things done. It’s of advantage

In the same way, your product must have value. You loose it, you lost the sale. It’s that simple. It’s time to stop doing what every other wanna-be entrepreneur is doing. Because you’re on your way now to explore an amazing new era of e-success. This is possible only if you…

Think Out of the Box!

If you are interested in finding a way out that puts you apart from the crowd, and profit insanely, here’s something you should know…

You will have to look, and do different than the rest. (This is the first step in creating value) Not personal looks of course. :-)
But why do you need to look and do different? Because…

“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

How? You say…

1. By delivering value-added product(s) to your Niche market

2. Developing your own unique business edge, that distinguishes you from your competitors

You have to do it in a simple, helpful and professional manner.

On the Internet, few who understand this principle are making fortunes. Others are in a constant lookout for any magical formula of success. And just what the heck is a niche?

For those of you who are un-aware of the niche phenomena, here’s what it means:

“A niche is simply grouping of potential customers who share common interests or characteristics, making them especially receptive to your product, service or opportunity.”

While focusing your niche market, developing a unique selling proposition or USP is crucial. This again adds-up value to your product.

Not sure what’s that all about? Ok! Here’s the Easy Part..

Let’s get down to reality. With thousands of online businesses around the globe, offering same, or similar product like yours, what are the chances of your success? When…

– There’s a fierce competition on the same medium (i.e., The Internet)

– Same promotional vehicles are being used (Like Search Engines, FFA Links, Classified Ads, Newsgroup Postings, etc.)

– People have limitless buying options

– Every other marketer goes beyond limit to offer something invaluable

Did you get any clue? Well, you might have guessed it. Chances are rare that your business will thrive. It can bring you some earning from $0 to an average income, a little above after paying your bills, but will never earn you a fortune.

In such a situation, where do you stand? How are you going to compete with million other businesses?

The I-Guru analogy is the solution here. Internet Marketing Gurus as they are referred can be your source of correction, or inspiration. These gurus cleverly finds a way to stand out from the crowd. They know that’s the only possible way to achieve success.

How do they do it? Hhmmm. Good question.

They find unfilled unique niches.. comes up with a value packed product or service, build trust and credibility and take action in full speed. That’s it. There’s no other secret.

Therefore, if you’re experiencing problems with selling your product or service, I would strongly advise you to make things out of the ordinary by creating both intrinsic and extrinsic ‘value’ of your product for your target audience.

If I’ll start putting all the names of the marketing gurus who practice these techniques, it’ll be a long long list of legendary names which are known for their respective mega successful businesses. Let me mention a few names here:

Corey Rudl

Marlon Sanders

Allan Gardyne

John Audette

Mark Joyner

Mike Enlow

Ken Evoy

Michel Fortin

Go ahead and ask any of these guys, and they’ll tell you that they’ve made it because they found niches. Came up with a value packed product or service, developed trust and credibility and took action at full speed.

Success is very much attainable. All it requires is commitment, consistency, perseverance, creativity and action. Make sure you have these qualities while building up your business. No one can stop you if you have a vision to succeed. Make yourself determined and start your efforts with a positive attitude.

You will ultimately achieve your targets.

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