Internal AdWords Tool Raises Rumors About Rankings

    November 5, 2007

A post by French blog Zorgloob has raised a flurry of rumors about Google organic rankings being influenced by Google AdWords advertising.

Zorgloob posted screenshots from an internal Google tool that assigns scores and classifications to Google’s organic listings raising questions about the way the Google SERPs are determined.

Matt Cutts was quick to dispel rumors with the comments

Our organic search results have always been completely independent from our paid advertisements. We consider the objectivity of our search results to be paramount to our success and would never compromise that in any way.

The screenshot shows a tool that is not used by the search quality team in any way. It is a tool used by members of our AdWords sales team to help prioritize new customer acquisition. We are strongly committed to maintaining the integrity of our organic search results.

While I am *fairly* confident that that the tool is being used for reasons that Matt has outlined – what is google basing the calculations on?

RustyBricks over at SERoundtable muses:

How much is this potential customer worth (GG Score)? Do they already advertise in AdWords (ADV)? What vertical would we place them in (Vertical)? How many PageViews can we generate for this site’s advertisement (PVs)?

It’d be great to get our hands on such a tool to see the AdWords value of our sites in Google’s eyes –  if you get a call from the Google team about your AdWords value – let us know what they had to say though the comments.