Intel Plans the Rise of the Machines

    August 26, 2005
    Chris Crum

Intel has outlined a long-term research plan for smarter and safer electronic products that better adapt to the way users use them.

Intel is calling the new technologies “user-aware”, and they are supposed to “intuitively respond to people and their ever-changing needs”.

So, if I’m understanding this correctly, this user-aware technology will allow products to know who is using them and know what the person wants without having to be controlled by the user itself.

“A user-aware platform will be any device that can take care of itself, knows who we are, where we are, and tries to anticipate what we want done,” said Justin Rattner, Intel senior fellow and director of Intel’s Corporate Technology Group.

“They will need digital senses to be aware of their surroundings and what they are doing,” he added. “They will also need new levels of intelligence to understand our needs and collaborate with other electronics to take action on our behalf while doing no harm in the process.”

Hopefully a great deal of emphasis will be put on the “doing no harm” aspect. I don’t know how much I trust machines that think for themselves, but I guess I could learn to.

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