Intel Not Up To AMD’s Challenge

    August 23, 2005
    Chris Crum

Today AMD challenged Intel to a public duel between the two companies’ dual-core server processors. The challenge was issued through an advertisement in several major newspapers.

It appeared in such papers as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, San Jose Mercury News and The San Francisco Chronicle.

“Since we launched Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors in April 2005, we’ve won every major industry-standard benchmark for x86 servers. AMD64 dual-core technology provides industry-leading performance, is easy to upgrade and is energy efficient,” said Marty Seyer, the general manager of AMD’s Microprocessor Solutions Sector.

“We are giving our competitor a fair and open opportunity to challenge our clear market leadership in a public setting”, added Seyer.

Intel is apparently not up to the challenge at hand. Intel CEO Paul Otellini saw the ad this morning, and spoke his mind on the matter.

“I saw the ad this morning over my coffee,” Ashlee Vance of The Register quotes Otellini as saying. “I have always thought that companies and products are best judged in the marketplace, and I will leave it at that.”

AMD’s said that the duel would have let customers decide for themselves which company’s processors would work best for them.

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