Intel Helps Out Australia With WiMAX

    August 25, 2005
    Chris Crum

It was announced that Intel is investing $37 million Australian dollars into expanding Unwired Australia as it prepares to launch a WiMAX network.

Unwired, which uses Navini, will be changing over to WiMAX next year. The company will also use the money to expand into other cities in Australia.

“Continued investment in WiMAX technology is strategically important for the industry,” said Arivind Sodhani, head of Intel’s investment group Intel Capital.

“It will enable the provisioning of fast, full-fledged broadband Internet access to a vast proportion of the population in an accelerated time frame,” said Sodhani.

Unwired has not decided on what cities to expand into yet, but plans to announce them sometime next year before they launch WiMAX.

Intel shares were up $0.06 to $25.59, while Unwired shares were up $0.01 to $1.41, in recent trading according to RedHerring.

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