Intel Gets Behind Facebook Developer Garages

    February 25, 2009

Take it from a car guy: the people who are willing to spend time with you in a garage are some of the finest individuals you’ll ever know.  And so it seems Facebook has a new BFF, as Intel will sponsor some Facebook Developer Garages this year. 

Facebook Logo

Facebook and Intel have had a great relationship up until this point, of course.  In the middle of 2008, Facebook announced that it would deploy thousands of Intel servers.  Then there’s Intel’s presence on Facebook to consider; its official Facebook page is quite lively, with 10 notes being imported so far today, and an application that lets Intel employees trade gifts has about 2,700 monthly active users.

As for the latest show of camaraderie, Julia Lam explained on Facebook’s Developer Blog, "Intel is committed to fostering the Facebook developer community and increasing the scope of our Facebook Developer Garage program. . . .  We believe their development tools and expertise will add additional insights and resources."

John Cooney, of Intel’s Partner Marketing Group, also said, "Our two companies share a vision of enhancing people’s lives through technology and innovation.  We are very pleased to extend our support to the community of developers building useful, engaging, and entertaining apps for the Facebook Platform."

The first Facebook Developer Garage to be powered by Intel is scheduled for Thursday, March 5th, although you’ll need to be in Ireland to participate.