Intel Finds Hermon A Home With RIM

    September 27, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Everyone’s favorite push email devices from Research In Motion will contain Intel’s XScale platform.

Intel has found another home for its XScale platform. The chipmaker has inked an agreement with Canada’s Research In Motion to place the PXA9xx cellular processor, codenamed Hermon, they announced in a statement.

These next generation devices will be compatible with Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution high-speed networks; EDGE for those of you keeping score at home. EDGE is a GSM-compatible wireless technology, one that RIM hopes will keep its BlackBerry device atop the market.

Intel cited the need for high-performance processing in low-power devices as a factor in RIM’s choice. XScale has been touted by Intel’s marketing forces as well-suited for handheld devices like cellphones and other portable gadgets.

BlackBerries have been popular for performing a single task very well – receiving and sending email. The devices have been jokingly dubbed “Crackberries” as those dependent on email always seem to be checking for one more message.

The XScale platform is suited to other activities beyond email; Intel notes how it can run a “variety of multimedia and Internet applications.” Perhaps this agreement signals a new direction for RIM, as it faces the first of what will be many smartphone competitors in Palm’s Treo 700, running a Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software platform.

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