Intel Covers VloggerCon

    June 19, 2006

Intel was at VloggerCon and interviewed a bunch of people, including yours truly. You’ll get a hint of some of what I’m thinking about. How do I get the video from my HD camcorder to your computer without going broke?

So far it looks like the only way is to use Bittorrent. The problem there is scale of distribution. But, if more and more people put out good content and show other people how to use Bittorrent to do the same, then the network will get bigger and bigger.

I noticed that at VloggerCon only about 1% of the camcorders I saw were HD models. I told people that would be about 30% at next year’s Vloggercon. Why? Cause people who have HD screens are HUNGRY for content.

Speaking of content, remember I was talking about Kiruba Shankar, the guy in India who called me up on Gizmo the other day? Well, his recording of that call is now online and it’s really a fun conversation. It shows that anyone around the world can record a podcast. The quality is great (remember, we were thousands of miles apart using a free piece of software).

One of the first things I want to do is go visit Kiruba in India.

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