Intel Could be Ditching Atom Branding [RUMOR]


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A new report from Taiwanese news outlet DigiTimes states that Intel is "considering" ditching the Atom brand name. The publication's unnamed sources "from the upstream supply chain" stated that the decision may be based on the growing impression of Atom processors as low-end, having become associated with the sometimes low-quality products they can be found in.

The report goes on to say that Intel actually believes that shipments of Atom-powered smartphones and tablets may have been negatively affected due to the Atom brand's "negative image." The low-power Atom processors can be found in smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and a variety of other portable devices. Last last year Intel even introduced a server-class Atom processor aimed at datacenter clients.

The change in branding from Atom could begin as early as the fourth quarter of 2013, according to DigiTimes. This will be around the same time Intel is releasing its new Haswell-branded Pentium processors for the PC market.

These rumors come just as Intel CEO Brian Krzanich called Atom processors "Intel's future" in a statement accompanying the company's second quarter earnings report.

"Looking ahead, the market will continue buying a wide range of computing products," said Krzanich. "Intel Atom and Core processors and increased SOC integration will be Intel's future. We will leave no computing opportunity untapped. To embrace these opportunities, I've made it Intel's highest priority to create the best products for the fast growing ultra-mobile market segment."

(via DigiTimes)