Intel Apparently A Google Chrome OS Partner, Too

    July 10, 2009

Yesterday, we reported that nine companies had partnered with Google to help develop Google Chrome OS.  This article may be a little short on names by comparison, but it seems important to note that Intel, the chipmaker with a market cap of about $90 billion, is also on the team. 

Google Chrome

Dan Nystedt writes, "The world’s largest chip maker is working with Google on the Chrome operating system and has been privy to the project for some time, a spokesman for the company said Friday."

It’s interesting that Google left Intel off its initial list of partners.  Some analysts have speculated that the existence Google Chrome OS will hurt Intel, so the fact that Intel’s involved would probably have gone a ways towards lessening those concerns.

There’s also the simple truth that Intel’s brand is impressive and most businesses would take full advantage the opportunity to namedrop it.

The omission represents a small mystery, then, and we’ll leave it to you to decide whether it’s significant (Google and Intel are planning a surprise attack on Microsoft!) or not (some intern skipped a line while copying and pasting a list).

Regardless, Google Chrome OS appears to be in a much stronger position now than 24 hours ago.