Intel and Cisco Plan To Better Wi-Fi and VoIP

    August 29, 2005
    Chris Crum

At Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco last week, it was announced that Intel and Cisco have entered a new partnership dealing with the improvement of Wi-Fi security and roaming and VOIP support.

Representatives for both companies presented the new Business Class Wireless Suite at the Developer Forum during a presentation by the general manager of Intel’s mobility group, Sean Maloney. Edward F. Moltzen of CRN reports:

Specifically, Intel and Cisco will work to develop enhanced VoIP quality-of-service technology to more reliably deploy VoIP and voice communication on notebook PCs.

In addition, the companies will optimize access-point-selection technology, giving notebooks the ability to sniff out Wi-Fi networks based on quality of bandwidth and ease of connectivity, as well as providing more-efficient roaming capabilities. Cisco and Intel call the new feature set the Business Class Wireless Suite. It will be aimed at companies that deploy both Cisco’s Unified Wireless Architecture and Intel’s Centrino mobile platforms.

“Business Class Wireless aims to provide the best wireless experience by enabling a better user experience for Intel clients running over Cisco wireless enterprise infrastructure,” said Cisco Chief Development Officer Charles Giancarlo.

“Security continues to be a major concern for organizations, and with Intel representing the first silicon manufacturer to join the NAC industry effort, client devices can continue to be treated as trusted elements on the network,” he added.

The partnership between Intel and Cisco is an extension of one that the two companies already had. The new Business Class Wireless Suite should become available early next year.

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