InstantBull Takes Stocks To The Matrix

    February 15, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Stock discussions dominate financial sites, as investors and observers try to divine what a corporation will do and where its share price will go next.

Following the conversation around a stock means checking in with several separate message boards, where each could spawn multiple threads about the same stock. It’s a situation that led InstantBull founder Gal Arav to build the buzz aggregating site.

InstantBull lets visitors see which sites have recent activity and the latest postings about a stock, which Arav calls the Buzz Matrix. The site draws from several boards: Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, and others.

“The clear advantage of our new Message Board Buzz Matrix is that by viewing a single summary table, investors can now immediately determine where all the latest message postings are taking place for any given stock ticker,” said Arav.

A table view shows the number of messages posted as recently as the last five minutes on six financial message boards. On the left side of the InstantBull page, the user can mouseover a message title and see the message appear in the main window frame.

The site also offers features beyond the Buzz Matrix. By switching to the Blogs view, the visitor can click Search, select a search site like Ask or Technorati, and get blog results for a ticker symbol.

InstantBull’s Info tab has the usual categories, like ones for Company Summary or Analyst Ratings. But instead of single-sourcing these topics, each has multiple links to freely available information resources.

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