Instant Sales Letter Profit Boosters!

    September 30, 2003

1) Greet Your Perfect Prospect Directly

Instead of starting your letter out with a “Dear Friend” salutation, address your perfect prospect directly…

“Dear Fellow Business Owner”.

“Dear Pet Lover”.

Or even better, address them as someone reaping the rewards your product has to offer…

“Dear Busy Mom About To Have A Whole Lot More Free Time”.

“Dear Gardener That’s Found A Fast Way To Weed”.

2) Reveal The Hidden Benefits

Sure, you’ve got a long list of instantly recognizable benefits for your product. But do you explain the hidden ones — the ones that don’t easily come to mind?

Maybe that new cooking tool has 101 uses, and makes preparing a meal a breeze … but did you mention that it makes it easy for children to prepare their own healthy meals in minutes? Does it save the user money? Is it a great tool for the man of the house too … with thousands of household uses from fixing the creaky bathroom door to cleaning the family car’s engine?

3) Show Your Reader The BIG Difference

Every product has a unique attribute. One that makes it a perfect fit for a certain prospect.

Compact cars work great for someone on a gas budget. Mini vans are suited for those that have large families. And likewise, your product has a certain market that it appeals to. One that sets your product heads above the rest.

Find it, tell the prospect what it is and why it’s different (better) than the others on the market, and you’ll close the sale.

4) Give Your Reader The Offer Early In Your Letter

No cute stories. No beating around the bush. Give the reader a reason to continue reading by giving them a benefit heavy offer they can sink their teeth into.

“Keep reading to find out how you can instantly and permanently take 15 years of age off your face”.

Let them know early why they should be reading and what you can offer them.

5) Make Your Letter Personal For The Reader

By knowing your prospect inside and out, you can make a letter so personal that they start to believe you know them like a friend. Then, when it’s time to tell them what you’d like them to do (order now), they do it … without a second thought, because you know what’s best for them.

6) Build Up YOUR Credibility

We listen. When a recognized celebrity endorses a product, we instantly believe it. Wild claims seem tame because “so and so” stands behind it.

And the same goes for your product. Build yourself up while building up your product. Show the reader why they should believe you, and why your stamp of approval on a product (even if it is your own), should mean it’s an item of quality.

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