Instagram’s Top Hashtag and Top Photo of 2013 Is…

    December 13, 2013
    Josh Wolford

As 2013 comes to a close, the year-in-review lists continue to roll in. We’ve already seen end-of-year stats from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify. Now it’s Instagram’s turn.

Instagram has revealed a bunch of data, the most interesting point being the most-used hashtag of 2013. Go ahead, take a guess. #Selfie? #TBT? Nope, the most-popular hashtag on Instagram this year was #Love.

#Love is no doubt best applied to cute dog photos.

Instagram also revealed the year’s most-liked photo. With over 1.5 million likes, here it is:

Definitely not as cute.

Other interesting end-of-year stats? #TBT, #Selfie, and #Food were in fact among the runners up for hashtag of the year. Also, the most geotagged city in 2013 was New York, followed by Bangkok.

Image via JustinBieber, Instagram