Inmates Sue Beer, Wine Companies For Being Addictive

    January 3, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Five inmates who are currently incarcerated in an Idaho prison are suing various alcohol companies to the tune of $1 billion, claiming they were not aware that alcohol can become addictive.

“I have spent a great deal of that time in prison because of situations that have arose because of people being drunk, or because of situations in which alcohol played a major role,” Jeremy Brown said in his affidavit. “At no time in my life, prior to me becoming an alcoholic, was I ever informed that alcohol was habit forming and addictive.”

Brown–along with Keith Allen Brown, Steven Thompson, Woodrow Grant, and Cory Baugh–says that his steady consumption of alcohol led to the crimes which got him sentenced to 20-30 years and that if he’d known what all that liquor was going to lead to, he never would have consumed it. Some of the companies involved in the suit include Anheuser-Busch, Coors, Miller Brewing, Pepsi-Cola, and American Brands, which owns Jim Beam. In a statement included in the suit, the inmates claim, “If they had not been addicted to the products sold by the defendants that they would have lead normal lives as productive members of society.”

While the men don’t have an attorney at present, a lawyer from Boise says they will have a hard time getting this case taken seriously.

“If you put these guys through depositions and you ask them ‘What do you know about alcohol?’ I think it’s pretty common knowledge that it’s addictive,” Filicetti said. “It’s well known to be addictive. It’s well known to be something that causes you to reduce your inhibitions and to do things you otherwise wouldn’t do.”

  • John Lieto

    Is this another way of saying “I am a complete idiot”, another way to blame someone else for your bad actions or just a plain old money grab attempt?

  • jeff

    Offer to add more time to their sentences if they proceed with wasting the court’s time with this idiocy.

    Enough is enough. Personal freedom should be cherished, not abused. Frivilous lawsuits should be met with punishment.

  • digital_man

    any attorney that takes their case should be disbarred.

  • Nscovell

    If these guys win then I will completely lose my faith in humanity, with what little I already had from other stories just like this one.

  • Robert Clay

    I’d like to file a counter-lawsuit against all the inmates for frivilously wasting my tax-dollars on their upkeep just because they are too stupid to obey the law.

    I realize that they have no money but I have a lawn that needs mowing, cars that need detailing, and plenty of other chores that I could recoup my wasted tax dollars from the sweat of their brow with. Where do I file and where may I get a list of all the currently incarcerated inmates in Idaho?

  • Hey Gee

    they are suing for a billion, but they will settle for a six pack.

  • raul

    Stay in prison lon enough to think of a scheme to get rich. SMH

  • raul

    Stay in prison long enough to think of a scheme to get rich. SMH

  • Chevere DelFuego

    And the response to their big “IF”…
    If they had not become addicted to alcohol, they would have become addicted to something else.

  • Paul

    At one time they would do a money transfer to the guards wife for only 3 beers a piece.

  • Ted Wagoner

    Brilliant!! As a 9 year sober alcoholic, and retired Navy Submariner, I agree completely!! I want to get in on this suit!! There are NO warnings on the packaging as with cigarettes,, I think they have a completely valid case here..

    • GSpotTickler

      You’re an idiot !!!

    • Micco Poag

      Umh really you spent multiple years on a U.S. Navy submarine as an alcoholic? As a recovering alcoholic I can say with complete confidence that I am happy you are no longer in the Navy (Dear lord tell me you are no longer in the Navy) I know the lack of judgement I suffered when I was drinking. By the way the moment you pick up a drink or a beer you know the danger you are putting yourself in.

    • TJ

      seriously? I would suggest not advertising your supposed to be one of our elite.

      • danny

        He ain’t elite.

  • http://Webpronews Tom Doscher

    This is a strong argument for ending free legal services for prisoners with nothing else to do but start stupid lawsuits. According to their premise, they probably don’t know what AA stands for. I hope the judge who gets this has enough integrity to throw it out in a summary judgmenmt, as the case has no merit-prima facie.

  • JS

    On the same line of thought I’m going to sue their mothers for not making them PS announcements they are a bunch of dumba$$es! Take responsibility for your actions, do your time & quit wasting others.

    • cb

      sue their mothers for not aborting them

  • http://yahoo William Lamphier

    Where in the hell were these guys born, BFE? Blaming alcohol for their behavior is pure Bullshit! Take any idiot like these 5, add alcohol, and you get instant ###hole! Being ignorant is one thing, but there is NO cure for stupid!

  • Todd

    The cigarette companies were successfully sued for similar issues…it just might work. I can just see the warning label, “consumption of this could cause you to break out….in handcuffs.”

  • http://nemosdreams.com jeff

    If they can seat the casey anthony jury, they will Def. get the billion, probably plus a lot more…..

  • Dan

    I needed a good laugh,lighten up people.

  • Anthony

    Sooooooooo Funny! I needed that.

  • johnbgood

    More money for dope!!

  • winston stevens

    i’m going to sue my heroin dealer coz he told me i wouldnt get hooked, and looked what happened to me!!!

  • rooster

    this is funny!… ok, i guess we the people of the United States will have to counter sue all the prisoners for being habitual criminals, and addicted to crime, all we want is for the prisoners to pay for medical, room and board, gym and library fees!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Chase

    Sue the Catholic Church, for dissuading their mothers from aborting the cretins.

  • randall

    to quote the movie ‘green mile’……

    “how long did you piss on the toilet seat before someone told to put it up?”

  • Julie

    Must have been a pretty big rock they were
    hiding under for them not to know this.

    Sad thing is, they might win xD
    Reminds me of the lady who sued McDonalds for getting HOT coffee.
    Thanks for the laugh anyways.

    • Trevor

      My favorite was right after that suit. Diedrichs coffee had a smiley face on there coffee cup that said “ofcourse its hot” Its amazing what people get away with these days…

  • TJ

    sad thing is they were drinking Odoul’s when they commited their crimes….

  • Mike

    The judge has the right to throw it out as frivolous and watch, he will. Of course we all know it’s a bs, it;’s just a way (at least an attempt)to get out of cell. This will never work.

  • Patrick

    These people are morons. Move them over to death row and speed up the process. Why can’t anybody take responsibility for themselves?

  • Thaddeus Buttmunch MD

    They should sue the POLITICIANS who make POT illegal! If not for beer they could smoke Pot which is MUCH Safer! And who is to say that tobacco is not a Gateway Drug to BOOZE?!

    whenever they lose their cherry to Bubba they should SUE. Should Never Happen

  • Loyal American

    This bunch must be the dumbest idiots on planet earth.

  • dan dancig

    next story….warning labels on alcholic bottles.

  • BobH

    Sounds like some cons doing some conning. No excuse

  • RH6194

    No surprise here! We’ve had frivolous lawsuits against tobacco companies, gun manufacturers, fast food companies, and probably many others that I’m forgetting right now. It was only a matter of time until someone came up with liquor companies. You know, it wasn’t THEIR fault for drinking the stuff! Those nasty companies held a gun to their heads and forced them to drink until they became addicted. It takes a little time to become an alcoholic…it doesn’t happen the first or second time you have a drink or even gwet drunk. Somewhere in the individual journey, I’d be willing to bet every one of these guys spent quite a bit of time in a bar. Don’t tell me you can live a life like that and NOT KNOW alcohol is addictive…whether you were told or not! If they couldn’t figure that out through common sense, I hope they never get out of prison. There are a danger to themselves if they are seriously that stupid! But why not give it a try? The way the courts are today, they’ll probably win and end up getting out as multi-millionaires while the rest of us see the price of our Budweiser doubled!

  • laro666

    These dealers in death should be held responsible for their products and accoutable for the problems these substances cause.but the payoff to our beloved politicians assures this will never happen.

    • Muncie

      Its not the booze its the person jeeze I just found out my car can speed wake up

    • bronson

      right on larro exactly my thoughts too..

  • JDKelley

    Oh, dear Lord!

    Throw this out out of hand. How long have we been hearing about alcoholism, drink-driving, and what-have-you?

    Grow up and take responsibility for yourself. Your Honour, this case should be summarily dismissed with prejudice (not in the least because it will push the cost of MY booze up – but I don’t do Drunk & Disorderly, Public Intox, or drink-driving. Why? Because I know better, and I do my drinking at home or arrange to be “designated drinker” and don’t even take more than my house key when I go out…

  • Muncie

    C’mon man these idiots need to man up I have been drinking beer and alchol for years and I have no addiction I can say no (and have) many times

  • JL

    I have to laugh at this attempt, but sadly enough it is not stated on any cans of beer, pepsi-OMG give it a rest, Jim Beam (whiskey of all kinds bottled for consumption)once again, it is not stated on the bottle,can or whatever packing. It does stste that: Pregnant women can cause birth defects if drinking this beverage and driving while drinking a alcholic beverage can impare your operation of any motor / machinery vehicle, you can get a DUI while driving your F’n lawnmower or riding a Fn’ horse.. so they the don’t have much with the disclaimers. Sadly enough people these days are sue happy and setting in a cell block , some idiot thought of this, lots of time on “his” hands….How did that dumb woman get $1K from McDonalds on a cup of hot coffee..almost the same darn thing. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS PATHICTIC OUTCOME,, BUT IF THEY WIN, THEY OPEN THIS CAN OF ALCOHOL ABUSED WORMS TO COME OUT… Boy, the under the table money is gonna be handed out…Just watch

  • josh smith

    all i can say is this is a joke america. i mean i pay taxes to b a free man and i do what the law says but for inmates to sue and use tax payers money i’m losin all faith in ameria

  • Dave

    Yeah… These guys, societies winners… Truely lack personal responsibility! Given the gross misuse of public funds, with the rest of us wondering how we wll make ends meet. I am glad that these 5 twits are going to spend taxpayer money on yet another frivilous lawsuit! Great day in America!

  • Jason

    It’s called responsibility and personal accountability. Something that is going downhill in America really quickly…

  • JL

    Alot of good responses. I got a DUI , not driving,not even near a public highway, in the field, MY FIELD ..stuck.. so, tell me what the HELL !! I had never been in trouble in my life, State bulls got called by neighbors..So, I wouldnt have a chance at this, but guess what THEY will …Good ol’ hard working ,tax paying and middle -low income person that i am..I get F’ckd..trust me , they will get something..

    • DC

      Guess what- almost every state says that driving a vehicle is a privilege and you are not allowed to consume alcohol and drive a vehicle anywhere. Grow up and stop acting like you are the victim. It’s your own fault- if you are old enough to drink, then you are old enough to make responsible decisions.

      • AM

        DC, where you there? So you know all the sircumstances!!!! Right???? keep it quiet til you know all. Would anyone judge you for going through that stop sighn last week? That dangered others possibly???? Right?

    • http://baby JD

      Yeah, you are childish. You should have known better, and taken ownership of your fault afterwards.

      Thanks for the Obama vote!

  • http://wilbermike81@yahoo.com mikew

    That is one reason why nobody wants to have a buisness in this country. Too many people that want to make a buck on someone’s lively hood if a product is out there and you cannot handle yourself after you buy it well then maybe to need to buy a can of CS and spray your self with it so you might have some some day when you really need it you know…If you dont like our products or services get a plane ticket and fly your good for nothing worthless A$$$$ out of here and let the other people who can handle themselves stay here we would be a lot better off I think

  • koala

    They are prisonersssssssssssssssssss – they should not have the right to sue anyone……. and then there was the prisoner in Arizona who sued because he said he didn’t get his share of chunky peanubutter – duhhhhhhhhhh!

  • john

    Please feed these guys to the lions. Waste my tax money and hurting innocent people.

  • greg sutherland

    Shoot them!!!!!!

  • http://www.electronicconsignments.com matt

    Ya it is definitely the alcohol here that’s the problem. People need to step up and take responsibility for their actions. It will be a matter of time before someone sues the gov’t for the welfare systems being too addictive. Something along the lines of “if I would have been aware of how dependent I would become on the system I would have never started, I never got a job because of it.”

  • barney mcneill

    I don’t like the action, but the thought is right. Why do we allow such despicable products like alcohol, cigarettes, and violent video games in this country? If something is really bad for us, then ban it. It’s simple as that.

    • Joe

      Hey pal. If America banned everything that was bad for us, every store would have a quarter of their inventory. It’s the stuff that’s bad for us that sells like crazy. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. But if people are able to use booze and cigarettes in moderation, have at it is my thinking.

    • AM

      1st amendment!!!

    • AM

      RUSSIA, not the USA

    • Tim

      Then you better ban food or anything else that can be taken oout of context when to much is consumed…

    • oldebull

      Ban it? What a knee jerk reaction. How about people being responsible for themselves and accountable for their actions?
      What was it like growing up in Communist Russia? What is it like having no free will?

    • Joe

      Hi I’m Joe, you are a moron. You and idiots like you, should have been blowjobs, you should have been swallowed immediately. You are a waste of oxygen. You could move to the middle east, maybe Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan……………, where people like you belong. They seem to have the same thinking as you, keep women down, suppress free thinking and free will. YOU ARE A SHIT DICK, I HOPE YOU GET CANCER OF THE ASS AND DIE!

    • Todd

      Being born eventually leads to death. Ban birth. Eating may lead to obesity. Ban that, too. Oh wait. Maybe people should accept responsibility for themselves and stop blaming others when their life ends up in the crapper.

  • Joe

    What a bunch of damn morons. That’s on par with a kid suing his dad for not telling him that his penis can but used to make kids.

  • norman

    this is nothing more then 5 low lifes trying to blame they stupidity on some 1 and getting rich at the same time.

  • AM

    So, is that the readon why my divorce just went through? You idiots that will probaly win money….. I just hope it’s YOUR FACES and NOT YOUR VICTOMS faces that they start putting on the side of beer cans. Quit whining because of you BAD decisions!!! Bitches, stand up and take what you deserve. And while you are reading this, remember that I am paying for my internet, food, power, childrens clothes…. and you have a free ride for an excuse. You dont deserve the commisary your familys provide for you.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/inmates-sue-beer-wine-companies-for-being-addictive-2013-01#respond sandi

    This will never work. I owned a liquor store where a lawyer tried to sue us, Jim Beam Brands and Miller Beer for the same reason. It was thrown out of court as frivolous and absurd. It is common knowledge that alcohol can be addictive.

  • really…

    well if the alcohol made you do the crimes, I guess the fork made fat people fat and the pen is the caused of pour English. lmao good try idiots

  • Jason Epperson

    Let them sue. Is it possible the state can counter sue and add a longer sentence for being so damn stupid?

  • R Kellz

    Nothing takes me by surprise anymore.. Oh btw Coffee is hot but somehow that won millions!

  • Armando

    Yes it is well known that alcohol is addictive, but not so well known that it causes changes in the brain that can lead to dementia, violence and even death. Alcohol should be treated like any other dangerous substance like cigarettes and legal drugs which contain detailed information about their side effects. A lot of people laughed when tobacco companies got sued. It’s high time to go after the alcohol manufacturers in the same way.