InfoVista Releases Most Advanced Platform Ever for Service-aware Management of IT Performance

    August 24, 2004

InfoVista today announced the release of VistaFoundation 2.0, the most advanced platform ever designed for service-aware management of IT performance.

The release of VistaFoundation 2.0 also includes VistaPortal 2.0, an upgraded interactive Web-based environment that facilitates presentation of business and technology dashboards to multiple audiences from CIO to technical personnel.

VistaFoundation 2.0 supports pre-packaged solutions containing unique Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for performance management of today’s critical IT services, including IP VPNs, IP Telephony, VoIP, Wi-Fi, servers and networked application infrastructures. The solutions address a range of performance-related disciplines in the areas of service management, capacity planning and problem management. VistaFoundation’s preemptive, real-time alerting identifies service and device performance problems, and impending capacity outages, preventing downtime and lost productivity.

VistaFoundation consists of a highly efficient, multi-tier architecture that collects data from the largest and most complex business technology infrastructures; performs real time analytics; consolidates business and technology service metrics; automates discovery, inventory and configuration management; and presents business-relevant IT service performance data. Patented, object-oriented software technology enables easy customization of all aspects of the VistaFoundation, e.g.: changes to pre-packaged analytics and the generation of new performance reports.

VistaFoundation 2.0 provides a new centralized inventory and provisioning architecture that brings a higher level of intelligence to InfoVista software solutions. With this new centralized inventory model, InfoVista automatically maintains dynamic relationships between monitored devices and their reports, KPIs, and modeled services. The result is true global aggregation of business and IT metrics that feed concise, actionable dashboards on the IT service performance for implementations of any size.

A new centralized provisioning architecture accelerates deployment of pre- packaged solutions, automates discovery of IT devices, balances analysis across multiple servers and increases reliability of collection and analysis. A centralized management console allows administrators to more easily configure, monitor and maintain VistaFoundation implementations than ever before. Interoperability with other IT management systems enables automated provisioning of analytics and business data. An industry standard Oracle database, with a published data schema, enables easy integration with third party tools.

At the information presentation level, VistaPortal provides interactive views of business and technology metrics. VistaPortal 2.0 enriches the way users tailor and access meaningful information collected by the VistaFoundation. Increased flexibility allows on-demand personalization, easier navigation and real-time access to actionable key performance indicators (KPIs) of interest. VistaPortal 2.0’s real-time management dashboards make users at all levels more productive and better equipped to synchronize IT resources with business priorities.

Other VistaFoundation 2.0 enhancements include —

* Automated provisioning and load balancing of collection and analysis components

* Dynamically maintained global business-technology groupings

* Definition and monitoring of high-level business services from the end- user perspective

* Maintaining relationships between business services and infrastructure components in a constantly changing environment

* Enhanced performance and scalability at every tier of the architecture

“VistaFoundation has been designed as a tightly integrated set of core components,” said Manuel Stopnicki, Chief Technology Officer, InfoVista. “This results in a single, intelligent performance management platform that is more robust, flexible, cost effective and easier to deploy and maintain than ever before. “VistaFoundation 2.0 is solution-ready, meaning less configuration and faster time-to-value. With the release of 2.0, we can focus on delivering high valued, pre-packaged solutions on top of the VistaFoundation that enable rapid synchronization of technology and business performance.”

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