Infographic Shows How Specific Colors Affect Social Media Strategy

    April 7, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Social Marketing Writing put out a very interesting infographic looking at the effects certain colors can have on your social media marketing campaigns.

If you watched the video we shared last week about color’s effects on online shopping behavior, and are thinking about using this stuff in your own efforts, this will make a nice follow-up.

[via MediaBistro]

Image via Social Marketing Writing

  • http://www.netbuilder.com.my/home/SEO+Malaysia/q?m=article&article_id=24 Danny Cheng

    Another eye opening article. My favorite bits are the sections about how red would be great as an image used for displaying special offers etc… There’s been some talk about how having a BLUE submit button works better than other colors for an opt in form so this kinda confirms it….Thanks Chris.

  • http://www.adaideaja.com Wahyu Liz Adaideaja™

    i love Red, but not MU