Infographic Looks At Social Media’s Impact On CRM

    May 27, 2014
    Chris Crum
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FanHub recently put out this infographic looking at how social media is transforming CRM, sharing stats around communication, expectations, and user interface.

“Customers are getting chatty,” says FanHub’s D’Ana Guiloff. “With instant access to brands via social media, people are better able to engage in one-to-one conversations with their favorite companies. Moreover, these interactions often become public, recorded knowledge – comments made on a Facebook wall are viewable to everyone, for example. Small businesses need to respond, or else it may look like they are dodging questions and complaints.”

The graphic puts things into perspective.

Socially Inspired CRM

Via MediaBistro

Image via FanHub

  • http://www.ianmoyse.co.uk/ Ian Moyse

    For the average business most CRM’s can accommodate the recording of what they will need from Social Networks without big cost or complexity. Salesforce not so long ago led with Social CRM as their marketing message and even tried to trademark it (backing off after big industry backlash!) and they have moved away from this lead finding it an over egged promise that the average customer of CRM did not need special tools or in depth costly setup to achieve what they need. View G2 Crowd’s independent CRM review site for options of the leading CRM’s available to solve these needs.