Infographic: Dedication Pays Off

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For many people, restaurants are simply places we go to get a bite to eat, and little mind is paid to their role in our economy. After reading some of these stats, however, that may change for you.

It turns out, the restaurant industry is an incredible driving force in jobs and pay for people of all ages on different rungs of the corporate ladder.

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation recently conducted a study that highlights the restaurant industry’s competitive pay and pay increases.

Lifelong careers in the restaurant industry are not uncommon. Did you know that 70% of restaurant employees actually plan to stay in industry until they retire? As a matter of fact, the median tenure of restaurant management and business operations employees is 20 years in the industry.

Ultimately, a job in the restaurant industry pays off. 71% of salaried restaurant managers, 50% of salaried shift/crew supervisors and 47% of salaried chefs/cooks earned a bonus in the past year.

Following is the fifth infographic in a series from the foundation, which illustrates the benefits and rewards that come with a long-term commitment to a career in the restaurant industry.

Dedication Pays Off

Numbers never lie, they say, and the infographics associated with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s study have some pretty impressive numbers. Be sure and take a look at the previous ones here, here, here, and here.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to work in the restaurant industry and certainly many to support it at the very least.

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