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The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation has conducted a study that highlights job and career opportunities in the restaurant industry, and debunks stereotypes.

This infographic, the second in a series from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, demonstrates how restaurants provide first time jobs for students while boosting career opportunities and teaching workplace skills.

According to the study, 69% of employees ages 18-24 had their first job in the restaurant industry. This shows the impact of the industry in starting young people on a career path.

Many in the industry continue their education while working at restaurants. 64% of bartenders, 49% of managers and 41% of servers are enrolled in a four-year college or university. In addition, 48% of industry business operation employees are enrolled in graduate school and 45% of chefs or cooks are enrolled in hospitality or culinary arts programs. The industry allows for employees to further their education and careers.

Many of those employees are planning to stay in the industry, showing the long-term career prospects in the industry. 72% of business operations managers, 69% of chefs or cooks and 56% of restaurant managers plan to continue working in restaurants after graduation.

An Industry of Opportunity:

You can take a look at the first infographic from the series here.

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Image via National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation