Info Systems Launches AwareNET services

    September 2, 2004

Fran Lawler, IT Manager at Morris Nichols Arsht and Tunnel considers it an “enabler,” necessary for business growth and customer/employee satisfaction.

Dave Dewey, from IMS Health, calls it a viable solution to replace the costly network monitoring system in his end-user community.

AwareNET services, launched by IT services leader Info Systems, is a suite of services for monitoring highly critical network devices that support day-to-day business operations. Over 30 IT executives attended an AwareNET briefing and watched in amazement as Info Systems’ presenter unplugged his server and immediately the network monitoring screen alerted a critical device inoperative.

Rob Bromee, Manager of Info Systems’ Support Services illustrates the importance of AwareNET: Imagine you have 30 retail locations and during lunch hour, the network-enabled cash registers can’t process transactions. If a typical lunch hour selling period yields $1,000 per store – $30,000 worth of business walks out the door. “Our AwareNET solution alerts the customer’s IT team quickly, identifies precisely where the problem is so our customer can get ahead of the problem to begin remediation — or we can — before it causes a crisis.”

Bromee adds that by using AwareNET, customers will mitigate risk and eliminate “Monday morning quarterback” challenges. “Suppose you’re an Internet e-commerce Network Manager logging on to the network Monday morning and discover most of your customers couldn’t access their online account since Saturday morning. Can you afford the customer satisfaction points you’ll lose by solving a Saturday problem at 8 a.m. Monday morning?”

The Info Systems AwareNET solution offers levels of service to fit any size business, and is highly effective for customers who have multiple locations operating with high numbers of business critical devices. Current customers include Wilmington Trust and Charming Shoppes retailers.

Currently, companies interested in implementing monitoring initiatives experience staffing issues (especially for 24×7 monitoring), high costs for equipment and software, and implementation delays. With Info Systems’ solution, customers have access to over 200 technical resources, a technologically advanced Network Operating Center (NOC) and strategic relationships with leading technology manufacturers such as Microsoft and Cisco.

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