In-Flight Live TV Coming

    May 18, 2005

First, there was the expansion of in-flight wi-fi so that you could remain connected to the net on your flight across the Atlantic or Pacific.

Do your email, surf the net, write your blog. Even use Skype.

Here’s what’s coming next, according to a PC World report:

The Connexion by Boeing in-flight Internet service is to shortly begin live TV programming on some Singapore Airlines flights. This is the first time such a service will be available to commercial airline passengers, according to an announcement by Connexion by Boeing this week.

The service will deliver BBC World, EuroNews, Eurosportnews, and, depending on flight origination, U.S., European, or Asian editions of CNBC, to suitably equipped planes and passengers with laptop PCs who have signed up for the Connexion service, according to the announcement. MSNBC programming will also be available for domestic flights in the U.S., Boeing says.

The TV service will be expanded to other airlines later this year, the company says, without giving further details.

Reuters also has a report on this.

With your headphones on, it’ll be the perfect antidote to all your fellow travellers talking on Skype :)

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