'Infinity Blade III' Launching With iOS 7


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Today's big Apple iPhone presentation was notable for being far from surprising. Nearly all of the leaks and rumors floating around about the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were proven true this afternoon. One of the only surprises of the conference was when Donald Mustard, co-founder of video game developer ChAIR, took to the stage.

Mustard announced that Infinity Blade III will be launching on September 18 alongside iOS 7. The game features better visuals and new "ClashMob" modes, along with the new campaign. As for the story, it's description is best left up to that game's creators, who have crafted quite an intricate lore for the Infinity Blade series.

Here's one description, from the Epic blog announcement:

Infinity Blade III sees Siris return to action for a final showdown against the Worker of Secrets, who has gathered an army of Deathless Titans and seeks the destruction of the entire world. But Siris won’t have to fight this battle alone. Isa, Siris’s stealthy female companion from Infinity Blade II, is now a playable character for IB3. She offers a different style of fighting - quick and nimble - and comes equipped with a crossbow she uses to damage enemies before leaping into battle.

The game will obviously run best on the upcoming iPhone 5S, which Apple today touted as a graphics powerhouse. The new device will feature a 64-bit processor that should run Infinity Blade III more smoothly than the iPhone 5C or iPhone 4S.