'Infamous: Second Son' Gets Pre-Order Bonuses


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Infamous: Second Son is, so far, one of the most technically impressive PlayStation 4-exclusive games (or next-gen games in general) to be previewed. Developer Sucker Punch have used the upgraded hardware in the next PlayStation to provide some good-looking character models, animations, and tons of particle effects.

Unfortunately, Sucker Punch couldn't quite get Second Son finished in time to make it a PlayStation 4 launch title. The game is currently scheduled to launch in February, presumably around the time of the PlayStation 4's launch in Japan. That doesn't mean the title won't be promoted by Sony in the meantime.

Sony today announced some pre-order bonuses for Second Son. Players who put their money down early will get exclusive denim vests for main character Delsin Rowe. The vests have been designed by various well-known artists, including iam8bit, Exist 1981, Jos!, and Penny Arcade. The clothing is teased in a new, short Second Son trailer that also teases Delsin's electricity powers: