'InFamous: Second Son' Art Previewed in New Video


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February is almost here, which will kick off two months packed with enough big releases to break the wallet of any self-respecting gamer.

One of the biggest releases of March will be InFamous: Second Son, the next big exclusive for Sony's new PlayStation 4 console. The game will go head-to-head with EA's Xbox-exclusive Titanfall during the month.

Today Sony and Sucker Punch Productions released a new video teaser for Second Son. The video shows off the art and technical direction behind what many PlayStation fans believe could be the best-looking PS4 exclusive yet.

Second Son is set in Seattle, where protagonist Delsin will obtain multiple superpowers and use them as he sees fit. With Sucker Punch located in Seattle, the game's developers appear to have spent plenty of time perfecting the atmosphere of the city. As seen in the video, rain, fog, and lighting were a major focus for the game's artists: