Indiana University Doesn’t Want Embarrassing Photos On Your Facebook

    July 9, 2012
    Chris Richardson
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Considering the sheer amount of social media failures the younger generation commits on what seems like an hourly basis, it’s surprising we haven’t seen more warnings like this. Sure, a few coaches have addressed social media use with their high profile student athletes, but the suggestion offered by Indiana University is a little bit broader than what’s already been seen.

As pointed out by Boing Boing, what we have is a status update the nephew of Boing Boing contributor David Pescovitz received from Indiana University, the college he’ll be attending in the fall. The message, while mentioning roommate information, served a much different purpose of letting incoming students know no one really wants to see their embarrassing Facebook pictures, so be sure and get that squared away before you start accepting all those upcoming friend requests.

There’s even a screenshot of the update in question:

Facebook Message

While IU’s message can be seen as a warning, perhaps the best way to approach it is as a chance at a fresh start with people who have no idea you you dressed up as a deranged-looking Easter bunny at last year’s Easter egg hunt. Not only that, but IU’s heads up is also something of a warning about the upcoming opportunities to embarrass yourself as a college student. While it could be embarrassing if your new roommate sees a picture of you passed out with a bottle in your hand, it can be a lot more damaging in the eyes of future employers.

Basically, IU is suggesting you behave in the following manner:

Baby Meme

And yes, that is something a successful baby should be excited about.

  • http://www.ellefagan.com Elle Fagan


    I have an artbiz and am quite honored in my work and I donate my art to fundraise successfully, some of them to Facebook friends and/or groups.

    I almost lost an important support friend when I opted to donate to a very young mother whose 3-year-old son was having a bone marrow transplant and at Ronald McDonald House. She was a Facebook friend who was a fellow-member at a very fine photography group at Facebook.

    I did not see a collection of “way-too-young-and-way-too-bad” photos she also had at her page! … and my supporters and unofficial board members went thru the roof with ME, for donating to such a horrible person.

    Oh, la!

    I maintained that it was for the fundraiser for the CHILD … NOT The mother….and I went to the Mother and told her how much trouble she’d gotten me into…..she removed the bad photos, and since I had already shipped the art donation, the thing completed.

    But I unfriended her since her idea of fun was not even close to mine…..I have vowed to be more careful about who I donate to , as well. Sighhhhhhhh…..

    You’d think people would know the difference between public and private…..guess not.