India Might Have To Outsource To The US

    June 9, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The Indian economy may see one million jobs go unfilled as graduates leave school without the skills needed for software and support occupations.

At a Bangalore summit, executives from companies like Infosys and Wipro lamented the lack of skills possessed by recent graduates. The industry is considering creating a system to test the skills of three million annual graduates.

A business trade organization representative at the summit called most of the graduates “not employable” with regards to entry-level call center and transaction processing jobs.

Among the business complaints leveled at the government include a lack of electricity in rural areas and an outmoded education system.

India earned $22 billion USD in the last fiscal year on software and services. The next fiscal year could see increases as much as 32 percent.

Even with skills testing and classes, the industry may not be able to fill a quarter of a million jobs out of the million because of a lack of qualified people, particularly middle-level management.

Will businesses like Dell, who employ more than half of their workforce outside the United States, suddenly have to look for help a little closer to home?

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