India Launches Advanced Imaging Satellite

    May 5, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The deployment of CARTOSAT-1 signals India’s intent to attract more clients for satellite launch services.

The high-tech mapping satellite can gather images of houses and streets, and even automobiles.

Data gathered by the satellite, which features two cameras capable of producing stereographic images, will be used for tasks like urban planning and land management.

A successful liftoff this morning placed the CARTOSAT-1 and a second satellite called HAMSAT into orbit. The rocket used to put it there will serve as a model for a rocket that will power India’s first moon mission in 2007 or 2008.

Witnessing the launch from the control center was Indian President A P J Abdul Kalam, who congratulated the scientists on the successful launch and deployment.

Indian Space Research Organization Chairman G Madhavan Nair said “It’s a heartening mission. This is the first flight from the second launch pad. We were working against all odds — sun, rain and wind.”

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