IncrediMail Adds Features to Gmail

    December 21, 2004

IncrediMail is fully compatible with Google’s Gmail, giving users access to customized email features.

“Gmail has made the right move by offering free POP3 access to its users,” commented IncrediMail CEO and Co-founder Yaron Adler. “Consumers want more access, not less. And as opposed to others, Gmail is making sure that the Internet remains of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Compatibility is made simple for Gmail users by a highly automated configuration process. A Gmail user only needs to enter an email address and password one time to access his or her account via IncrediMail. With this information, incoming and outgoing POP3 servers will be automatically configured so that the user does not need to be an expert to start reading emails and can easily access all of IncrediMail’s tools including letter backgrounds, anti-spam functions, an array of emoticons and other special animations.

According to Adler, the company is focused on making itself more user- friendly and convenient. “IncrediMail concentrates on enabling the user to have the most profitable and easy email experience. We are constantly adapting ourselves to new systems, such as Google’s Gmail, and will do so in the future.”

He added, “Convenience, security, trust and ease of use are all appellations that our communities identify with IncrediMail. We do not compromise our functionality and will continue to meet and exceed our users’ expectations.”

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