Increasing Reports of Child Sexual Abuse Sites

    October 24, 2007

More than seven Web sites showing images of child sexual abuse are reported to police every 24 hours according to the UK based Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

The IWF have shared information about 2,092 child sexual abuse Web sites this year with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and Interpol for investigation and removal.

The IWF runs a hotline that offers assistance to all UK Internet users who run across images of children being sexually abused. Research by the group has revealed that one in 20 adult Internet users or 12.5 million people have been exposed to such images.

IWF CEO Peter Robbins said, "Our analysts witness the results of terrible sexual abuse being inflicted on very young children around the world and then circulated online."

"With the help of the online industry, the 28 Hotlines we work with around the world and our law enforcement colleagues, the public can help us to remove these websites and end the abuse that is perpetuated every time the images are viewed."

AOL, Google, MSN and Yahoo are just some of the companies helping to promote the IWF’s hotline, which allows Internet users to report child sexual abuse sites.

The IWF said of all the sites reported to them this year only one percent originated from a UK server, compared to 18 percent 10 years ago.